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Rajasthan Government Offers Free Seed Kits to Boost Millet Production Among Farmers

This initiative includes providing mini kits of various seeds to millions of farmers, alongside other supportive measures such as financial incentives and public awareness campaigns.

Saurabh Shukla
Rajasthan Government offers Free Seed Kits to boost Millet Production Among Farmers (Photo Source: Pixabay)
Rajasthan Government offers Free Seed Kits to boost Millet Production Among Farmers (Photo Source: Pixabay)

The Rajasthan government has announced plans to provide farmers throughout the state with free millets and coarse grain seeds, marking a significant step towards increasing millet production. This initiative underscores the state's commitment to boosting agricultural output and supporting the livelihoods of its farming community.

The government of Rajasthan is set to provide free mini kits of various seeds to farmers across the state. Approximately 1.2 million farmers will receive maize seeds, 800,000 farmers will benefit from pearl millet (bajra) seeds, and 700,000 farmers will receive mustard seeds. Additionally, 400,000 farmers will be provided with moong seeds, and sorghum (jowar) and moth seeds will be distributed to 100,000 farmers.

Recognizing the importance of millet production, the state government initiated the Rajasthan Millet Promotion Mission in 2022-23. A budget allocation of Rs 40 crore was kept to establish 100 primary processing units, which would be operated by farmers, entrepreneurs, and voluntary organizations. These units are crucial in adding value to the millet produce and facilitating better market access for farmers.

Furthermore, to boost the agricultural sector, the government has increased the benefits under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme from Rs 6,000 to Rs 8,000 per year per farmer. Furthermore, the minimum support price (MSP) for wheat has been increased from Rs 2,275 to Rs 2,400 per quintal, supplemented by an additional bonus of Rs 125 per quintal.

Rajasthan Millets Promotion Mission

Rajasthan Millets Promotion Mission, launched in 2022, covers various initiatives to promote millet cultivation in the state. This includes the establishment of the Millets Centre of Excellence under Jodhpur Agricultural University, the distribution of advanced variety seeds, and subsidies on micronutrients and bio-insecticide kits. The mission also focuses on encouraging the establishment of processing units and providing technical assistance to small and marginal farmers.

As part of the mission, public awareness programs are being planned to educate people about the nutritional benefits of millet. Millets such as Ragi, Kangni, Sawan, Cheena, Kodo, and Kutki are included in this initiative, highlighting their importance in ensuring food security and nutrition.

Rajasthan holds a significant share of 26 percent in the total millet production of the country. Among the millet crops, pearl millet and sorghum are prominently cultivated in the state, with Rajasthan contributing to 41 percent of the country's bajra production.

The government's efforts underscore a commitment to support farmers and promote sustainable agricultural practices, ultimately contributing to the overall welfare and prosperity of Rajasthan's rural communities.

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