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Rampaging Wild Boars Cause Havoc, Destroy Crops In North Kashmir

On Saturday, residents of the Hajin area in Bandipora district of North Kashmir cautioned that farmers are facing a challenging adversary in the form of wild boars.

Shivam Dwivedi
Rampaging Wild Boars Cause Havoc, Destroy Crops In North Kashmir
Rampaging Wild Boars Cause Havoc, Destroy Crops In North Kashmir

According to locals, the wild boars have been on a rampage, causing severe damage to crops and apple orchards throughout the area, forcing the agricultural community to suffer.

"Despite efforts by wildlife authorities to curb the menace, their attempts have fallen short, leaving farmers in a state of desperation," they said, adding that the department should take effective steps to eradicate the menace.

"These wild boars have turned our once-peaceful fields into a never-ending battleground." They come in groups, wreaking havoc and destroying our toil overnight," complains Mohammad Sultan, a local farmer who has lost 30 percent of his precious apple orchard due to the voracious foraging of these fearsome monsters.

"We've poured our sweat and blood into these fields only to see them destroyed by these beasts." We require quick assistance from the authorities." Farmers are suffering significant financial losses while waiting for a solution to their dilemma.

The persistent assault on their means of subsistence has left them disillusioned and on the verge of despair. "Our hopes are pinned on the authorities grasping the gravity of the situation and acting decisively quickly. Our very survival is at stake," says Mohammad Hassan, a fellow farmer affected by the unfolding crisis.

Meanwhile, an official has stated that tangible steps will be made to safeguard them from the Wild Boars. Historically, the Wild Boar was introduced into the valley for hunting purposes by former Dogra king Maharaja Gulab Singh—(KNO)

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