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Rani - Is She the Smallest Cow in the World?

Rani is a cow in Bangladesh, which could be the smallest cow in the world.

Shipra Singh
Rani - the dwarf cow in Bangladesh; she's shorter than a goat
Rani - the dwarf cow in Bangladesh; she's shorter than a goat

A cow in Bangladesh has become the focus of attention these days. Now, you might be thinking what’s special about this cow that people are flocking in huge numbers to catch a glance of it. 

Well, this cow is really special. Her name is Rani. She weighs only 26 kgs and is just 51 cms in height, even shorter than a goat!  

The owners of this cow claim the animal to be the smallest in the world in cow species. They are looking forward to registering their tiny cow for Guinness World Records.  

As soon as word spread about this dwarf cow, people swarm to have a look at it. They came despite lockdowns.  

You can find this tiny bovine in a farm in Charigram, which is situated 30 kms southwest of Dhaka.  

People are so fascinated by this cow that the owner’s house has almost become a tourist spot! People from far off regions are visiting their house just to have a glance at the cow. They are even taking selfies!  

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Who is the owner of the dwarf cow? 

According to news sources, MA Hasan Howlader is the manager of Shikor Agro Farm, which is the place where Rani lives. Hasan claims that this cow is shorter than Manikyam, which is a small-sized bovine indigenous to Kerala.  

At present, Manikyam holds the Guinness World Record for being the shortest cow in the world.  

However, Hasan is hopeful that his tiny cow will break the present record and become the world’s smallest cow. He has been proving his claim by measuring the cow with a measuring tape in front of onlookers. 

More about Rani 

Rani is a cow with her origin in Bhutan. This breed of cow is well-known in Bangladesh and Bhutan. However, this cow breed is usually twice the size of Rani. It is only Rani that has turned out to be tiny.  

About Manikyam - Guiness Record Holder for being World's Smallest Cow 

Manikyam is a cow of vechur breed. This breed is famous for producing cows that stay dwarf. Their maximum height stays to 90 cm.  

However, Manikyam measured just 61.1 cm from her hoof to her withers. Her measurement was taken by the team of Guinness World Records who had traveled to Kerala.  

People, even experts, were perplexed by the extremely short height of Manikyam. One of the local veterinarians put forward the view that the hot and humid climate of Kerala may have affected the height of the vechur cattle. According to him, if the same breed is reared in other parts of the country, they might show an increase in height over a period or generations.  

However, experts are yet to say why Rani is dwarf. Till then, let her enjoy the limelight and bask in the glory of her tiny structure.  

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