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Rice, Millet, Sugarcane and Oilseeds: Kharif Crop Sowing Crosses 733 Lakh Hectare Area in 2023

India's Department of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare reports significant progress in Kharif crop coverage as of July 21, 2023, with 733.42 lakh hectares sown, marking an increase from the previous year, driven by growth in rice, coarse cereals, oilseeds, sugarcane, and steady cotton cultivation.

Shivangi Rai
Rice, Millet, Sugarcane and Oilseeds area coverage has significantly rose under kharif crops as compared to the last year. (Image Courtesy- Pixabay)
Rice, Millet, Sugarcane and Oilseeds area coverage has significantly rose under kharif crops as compared to the last year. (Image Courtesy- Pixabay)

The Department of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare on July 21, 2023, reported significant progress in the area coverage under kharif crops, with a total of 733.42 lakh hectares sown. This represents a notable increase compared to the same period last year when 724.99 lakh hectares were sown.

The cultivation of rice, a staple crop in India, has witnessed substantial growth, with 180.20 lakh hectares being sown in 2023 as compared to 175.47 lakh hectares in 2022.

Additionally, pulses have been cultivated over an area of 85.85 lakh hectares, a slight decrease from the previous year's 95.22 lakh hectares. Among the pulses,  Arhar, Uradbean, and Moongbean have seen reductions in area, while other pulses witnessed a marginal increase.

In the category of Shri Anna cum Coarse cereals or millets, the total area sown reached 134.91 lakh hectares, showing a positive trend compared to the 128.75 lakh hectares in the previous year. Bajra, a popular coarse cereal, has shown substantial growth in cultivation, reaching 57.99 lakh hectares in 2023.

The oilseeds segment has also witnessed growth, with 160.41 lakh hectares sown this year compared to 155.29 lakh hectares in 2022. Notably, Soyabean and Groundnut are the major contributors to this growth. However, Sunflower and Castor have shown a decrease in sown area.

Sugarcane, a crucial cash crop, has been cultivated in over 56.00 lakh hectares, showcasing an improvement from last year's 53.34 lakh hectares.

Similarly, Cotton cultivation has remained steady, with 109.69 lakh hectares in 2023 compared to 109.99 lakh hectares in 2022.

In the category of Jute & Mesta, 6.36 lakh hectares have been sown, slightly lower than the 6.92 lakh hectares in the previous year.

Overall, the increased sowing of kharif crops is encouraging news for the agricultural sector in India. The farmers' efforts, combined with timely government support and favourable weather conditions, have contributed to this positive outcome.

However, it is essential to monitor crop growth and weather patterns in the coming months to ensure a successful harvest and stable agricultural productivity. The Department of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare will continue to track the progress of Kharif crops to formulate necessary interventions and policies for the betterment of the farming community and the nation's food security.

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