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Scholarship Rules For Karnataka Farmers’ Children Modified

A recent change in regulations in the scholarship scheme for farmer’s children in Karnataka might help good students to avail the benefits of multiple scholarships. Read to know more!

Abin Joseph
Farmer Playing With His Child
Farmer Playing With His Child

A recent change in regulations in the scholarship scheme for farmer’s children in Karnataka might help good students to avail the benefits of multiple scholarships. 

The regulations for awarding educational scholarships to children of farmers have been changed by the state government. Farmers' children can now apply for the 'Mukhyamantri Raitha Vidya Nidhi Scholarship' even if they are already receiving other scholarships as a result of the modifications. 

According to the directive issued on Friday, the government would identify students eligible for the Mukhyamantri Raitha Vidya Nidhi Scholarship and offer them financial aid for further study based on data available with various ministries.

Students who submit applications will be eligible for the scholarship, which will be paid immediately into their bank accounts. According to the decree, a farmers' family is defined as a family that has registered with the e-governance department's 'Kutumba' app. Baswaraj Bommai the current CM of Karanataka introduced the Mukhyamantri Raitha Vidya Nidhi Scholarship shortly after taking over as CM to encourage farmers' children to pursue higher education. He had stated that Rs 1,000 crore will be put aside for this project. 

What is Mukhyamantri Raitha Vidya Nidhi? 

The Mukhya Mantri Vidya Nidhi programme was passed on the 28 th of July 2021 by the then-new CM Baswaraj Bommai and its aim was to provide scholarships to children of farmers so that they do not have to worry about financial and economic problems while studying. As stated above this led to the Bommai Government to keep 1000 crores aside for this scholarship scheme alone. 

The scholarship will be given to students for higher secondary education like bachelors and masters programme. Under this scheme Male students studying for the BA, BSc, Bcom, BTech and other bachelor-level professional courses will be provided scholarship money of 5000 Rs via Direct Bank Transfer  (DBT)  while female students would be given Rs 5500The annual scholarship money will be deposited into the bank accounts of students who have finished 10th grade and are enrolled in courses at any recognised educational institution or university. 

Under this scheme: 

  • Boys enrolling in PUC or ITI courses would earn Rs. 2,500, while girls will receive Rs. 3,000, according to government guidelines.

  • Boys would get Rs. 5,000 for admission to BA, Sc, BCom, MBBS, BE, and other professional programmes, while ladies will earn Rs. 5,500.

  • Boys pursuing law, paramedical science, nursing, and other vocational disciplines will be awarded Rs. 7,500, while girls would be awarded Rs. 8,000.

  • Males and Females seeking post-graduation will get Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 11,000 in scholarships, respectively.

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