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SLCM Establishes 31 Krishi Quality Janch Kendras to Transform Food Grain Quality Checks in India

The physical Krishi Quality Janch Kendras is designed to benefit farmers, traders, FPOs, and corporate entities involved in the quality check of food grains.

Parvathy Pillai
SLCM establishes 31 Krishi Quality Janch Kendras to revolutionize food grain quality checks in India
SLCM establishes 31 Krishi Quality Janch Kendras to revolutionize food grain quality checks in India

Sohan Lal Commodity Management (SLCM) Group, India's premier one-stop post-harvest Agri logistics player and warehouse service provider, has marked a significant stride in the Indian agricultural landscape. They have introduced a groundbreaking initiative with the inauguration of the physical ‘Krishi Quality Janch Kendra,’ an AI and ML-powered solution poised to revolutionize food grain quality checks in India.

This innovative solution is designed to benefit farmers, traders, FPOs, and corporate entities involved in the quality check of food grains.

31 Krishi Quality Janch Kendras Across Delhi & MP

In the inaugural phase, 31 centres have been established across Delhi and Madhya Pradesh, making a remarkable impact on the agricultural ecosystem in India. Notably, considering that only a few hundred food grain testing centres have been established in the country since independence, these 31 centres stand as a defining leap towards enhancing the quality assessment process.

Objective to Establish Additional 600 Centres by Feb 2024

SLCM is set to expand its transformative ‘Krishi Quality Janch Kendra’ initiative, aiming to establish an additional 600 centres nationwide by the end of February 2024. This extension builds on SLCM's flagship Agri Reach QC module, an AI ML-driven application, featuring the first-ever NABL-accredited food grain QC mobile app. This extensive expansion will cover the length and breadth of the country, ensuring that the agricultural community from diverse areas can easily access and benefit from these quality-check facilities.  

What is Krishi Quality Janch Kendra?

Krishi Quality Janch Kendra is a significant component of SLCM's robust digital platform, encompassing Quality Checks, Warehousing Management solutions, Agri ecosystem listing, and a pioneering Third-Party platform facilitating transactions between commodity buyers and sellers. This marks a groundbreaking step in the agri industry, enhancing the phygital(physical & digital) ecosystem by seamlessly integrating physical centres with digitization.

With already over 1 lakh listings of various stakeholders in the Indian agri industry, the platform anticipates connecting more than 5,00,000 additional community members by the end of the financial year. 

Sandeep Sabharwal, Founder and CEO of SLCM

In expressing the vision behind the initiative, Sandeep Sabharwal, Founder and CEO of SLCM, emphasized that this new era is dedicated to ensuring equitable prices for farmers and bolstering the food security of our nation. With only 161 State Seed Testing Laboratories and six Central Seed Testing Laboratories in India, farmers and traders often face the challenges of extensive travel, prolonged wait times, and significant expenses for crop/grain quality checks. Recognizing these technological barriers for the farmers, centres like ‘Krishi Quality Janch Kendra’ at major marketplaces are meticulously designed to optimise benefits for all stakeholders and ultimately drive a transformative shift in the Indian agricultural industry.

How Does It Work?

At these newly-introduced centres, a dedicated facilitator ensures a swift scan and generates a comprehensive Quality Check report for grains within a remarkable time frame of 1 to 4 minutes. Traders and farmers are also provided with comprehensive training on the Agri Reach app, ensuring their proficiency in future quality checks. These centres strategically span across the South and West parts of the Delhi market, as well as the Ujjain, Indore, and Mandsaur regions of the Madhya Pradesh market.​​

Designed to streamline the process, centre heads can generate NABL-accredited quality check reports swiftly, offering accurate and trustworthy testing with significantly reduced turnaround time. This not only enables stakeholders to save both time and money but also revolutionises how crops are valued by buyers, as the valuation becomes directly linked to the quality of the crop.

This innovative system empowers farmers by providing them with insights into the true value of their produce, facilitating them in obtaining the best possible prices for their crops. The introduction of these centres marks a significant leap forward in ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and fairness in the agricultural value chain. 

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