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'SML Teaches Farmers How to Improve Health of Soil', Says Director Komal Shah Bhukhanwala on Day 2 at MFOI 2023

Komal Shah Bhukhanwala, the Director of SML Limited, attended the session on 'Women Agripreneurs' Contribution to Boosting Prosperity' on the second day of the Millionaire Farmer of India Awards, 2023.

Aysha Anam
SML Limited Director Komal Shah Bhukhanwala
SML Limited Director Komal Shah Bhukhanwala

Komal Shah Bhukhanwala, Director, SML Limited, (Formerly known as Sulphur Mills Limited) an Indian Multinational company, visited the Millionaire Farmer of India Awards sponsored by Mahindra Tractors and organised by Krishi Jagran. 

SML Limited is associated with more than 80 countries. The primary focus of the organisation is research and development in the field of agriculture. "We have a staff of around 700 professionals, and farmers, working to resolve the problems faced by the farmers," Komal Shah Bhukhanwala, Director, SML Limited said. 

Challenges in Agriculture 

"Climate change is one of the main concerns before the farmers. Secondly, the health of the soil. More than 40 percent of Indian soil has been depleted. 

Also, the country is facing a huge challenge of malnutrition. "Although there should be a budget of 40,000 crores for this purpose, only 4000 crores has been allocated by the government"

She also raised a concern about the health of soil saying, "What are we going to leave for our next generation? A depleted soil."

"Excessive pesticides, fertilisers are responsible for ruining the biological state of the soil," she added. 

"We teach the farmers how to improve the health of the soil. So that the cultivation is useful for everyone and not posing a health risk."

She further added, "Our health is connected with our crop, however, the health of the soil has been degraded so awfully in the last 100 years that we have to take health supplements for a basic nutrient like zinc during the challenging times of Covid-19."


She concluded the session by saying, "SML is closely working with women farmers to read and understand the health of the soil and trying to make every effort to preserve and conserve the environment."

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