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Solar Panel Subsidy: Government is Providing Subsidy to Install Solar Panels; Details Inside

The power crisis has become a big problem these days. On one side, the power plants are facing a coal shortage, on the other hand, the power cut in the scorching summer has increased the problems of common people. In such difficult times, green energy can prove to be very helpful in overcoming the power crisis.

Kritika Madhukar
The life of solar panels is 25 years
The life of solar panels is 25 years

Today, you can easily generate the electricity you need by installing a solar panel on the roof of your house. The government is ready to help you in this work and provides subsidies on solar panels to reduce your cost. Find out how much will be the cost to install solar panels and how much subsidy the government is providing.

Identify Your Electricity Requirements

If you want to install solar panels, find out how much electricity you need and how many electrical appliances are there in your home? Let us assume that you have 2-3 fans, a fridge, 6-8 LED lights, 1 water motor, and a TV in your house that are going to run on electricity. For these appliances, you will minimally require 6 to 8 units of electricity per day.

Mono Perc Bifacial Solar Panels

At present, Mono Perc bifacial solar panels are the latest technology solar panels. In these panels, power is generated from both the front and rear. If you put together four such solar panels, then you will easily get electricity up to 6-8 units per day. 4 Mono Perc Bifacial Solar Panels will be of about 2 kilowatts.

Solar Roof Top Scheme

To promote solar energy in India, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has started the Solar Roof top Scheme. You can get solar panels installed on the roof of your house by any vendor included in the panel of Discom and apply for the subsidy. This will also include the responsibility of the vendor to maintain the rooftop solar for five years.

Get Up to 40 percent subsidy

If you install solar rooftop panels up to 3 kW, then the government will give you a subsidy of about 40 percent. At the same time, if you install solar panels up to 10 kW, then you will get a 20 percent subsidy. Local Electricity Distribution Company (Discom) is running this scheme in various states.

How Much Will It Cost to Install Solar Panels?

If you are getting a 2-kilo kilowatt solar panel installed, then its cost will be around Rs 1.20 lakh. But you will get a 40 percent subsidy on this from the government, then your cost will come down to Rs 72,000 and you will get a subsidy of Rs 48,000 from the government.

The life of solar panels is 25 years. In such a situation, by investing so much in one go, you can save yourself from paying high electricity bills for a long period.

How to Apply for the Solar Panel Subsidy?

  • To apply for the subsidy, visit the National portal for solar panel subsidy by clicking here.

  • Upon visiting the site, click on “Apply for Solar Rooftop”

  • A new page will open in front of you, select the link according to your state.

  • Fill out the form by providing the required credentials

  • The subsidy amount will be credited to your account provided by the Discom within 30 days of installation of the solar panels.

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