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Sowing Area of Kharif crops decreased by 1.55% from Last Year: Ministry of Agriculture

Sowing of kharif crops begins with the onset of southwest monsoon from June. Monsoon rainfall was lower eight per cent between June 1 and August 20, the ministry said.

Ayushi Raina
Kharif Sowing
Kharif Sowing

According to data released on Sunday by the Agriculture Ministry, in the current Kharif season of the 2021-22 crop year (July-June), the sown area of summer crops like paddy was lagging behind by 1.55 percent at 1,043.87 lakh hectare so far.

Farmers planted summer crops (Kharif) on 1060.37 lakh hectare in the previous year. The planting of Kharif crops begins with the onset of southwest monsoon from June. The ministry said, “Monsoon rainfall fell by 8% between June 1 and August 20.”

The amount of stored water available in 130 reservoirs in the country accounted for 96% of the water stored in operation during the corresponding period last year and 99% of the average water storage over the past 10 years.

According to the ministry, in the case of “monsoon rains in many states”, “planting is still in progress” in the states where kharif crops are grown.

Kharif Sowing Scenario 2021:

As per Ministry, most states have notified the central government that planting of Kharif crops, especially Rice, Urad, moong and sesamum, castor, may continue until the end of August.

Castor can be grown in Gujarat until September 15th. It has been raining for the last two days. Similarly, he added that in Jharkhand, kulthi and nizer and early mustard seeds can be planted until September.

According to the latest data, until August 20 this year, the sown area of rice (the main Kharif crop) was still slightly less than 374.03 lakh hectares, compared with 378.07 lakh hectares in the year ago period.

Similarly, the sown area of oil seeds remained at 187.88 lakh hectares, compared with 189.98 lakh hectares in the same period, while that of coarse cereals acreage was down at 169.06 lakh hectares as against 171.82 lakh hectares in the said period.

However, the sown area for pulses is slightly higher at 134.23 lakh hectare so far this kharif season, compared with 132.03 lakh hectare a year ago.

Regarding cash crops, the area planted with cotton has decreased to 117.04 lakh hectares so far this Kharif crop, compared to 127.69 lakh hectares in the year ago period.

However, the area planted under sugarcane was slightly higher at 54.63 lakhs/ha compared to 53.85 lakhs/ha, while the area planted with jute and mesta was unchanged at 7.02 lakhs/ha versus 7 lakhs/ ha during the said period.

Planting of kharif crops in some places lasts until September, and harvesting starts in October.

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