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Startups in India are on a spree to Digitalize the Current Dairy Farming Market

A large number of new companies are helping little dairy farmers in accessing industry information and markets, as a result is bringing diversity to the dairy ecological community. A few startups are utilizing day by day doorstep conveyance of dairy items as an entry point for bigger FMCG push.

Chintu Das

In our country, a huge quantum of dairy creation stays disorderly. As indicated by investigators, the Indian dairy industry includes more than 300 million groups of cattle held by more than 75 million dairy farmers. Most of the small time dairy farmers do not get access to veterinary help, counseling on cattle's sustenance, admittance to ideal nourishment and animal health items. Also in some cases, accessibility to markets for trading of cattles and their milk is not available. Simultaneously, private dairy farms and cooperatives battle with the sourcing of milk, payments related to farmers, efficient supply chains, and quality as well. 

"In the coming years, you ought to hope to see different dairy-centered agritech new companies handling these issues and building a more grounded future for dairy eco-system in India," said Mark Kahn, managing partner, Omnivore, which has upheld startups like Stellapps. Stellapps is a Bangalore based startup which utilizes IoT for proficient milk production, milk acquisition and cold chain facility management. It incorporates this information on a cloud storage, then evaluates it and gives out actual time, significant actionable knowledge to all partners and stakeholders by means of mobile phones.  

Amidst the Coronavirus lockdown, Stellapps saw a 46% spike on a month-on-month basis in its value for orders. This is because of the rise in the quantity of farmers i.e. from 1.98 million to 2.3 million located in 30,000 towns in 18 states, a surge of 16.6% more than pre-pandemic times. 

Approximately 80 million family units are occupied with milk creation. Out of which around 70 percent are small or negligible farmers. Incrementing the pay for these small-time farmers has been a prime objective of our government and by doing so it will raise the living standard for the farmers. 

Another example will be "Country Delight". It is a startup based in Gurugram, Haryana which acts as a mediator between the farmer and customer. The company collects milk and other dairy related products from farmers and delivers the same directly to the customer. The company also has an unified cold chain system which helps in delivering perishable items such as milk and other fresh dairy products. 

"Country Delight is a client fixated and product based organisation. We determine the issue at the most basic levels such as farmer, cold storage etc. No adulterants, preservatives or any other kinds of powder are added to the milk. We utilize a great deal of tech to fabricate checking of the milk continuously, observing the healthiness and following the temperature of the milk. All the milk tankers are sealed with the help of cloud computing. As a result, proper transparency is maintained, commented Chakradhar Gade, co-founder, Country Delight. 

Functionality wise delivery teams in Country Delight works up to 3 million orders in a month across the states of Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune and Mumbai. The delivery system allows for the delivery of milk within a limit of 36 hours, bread in 24 hours and eggs in 72 hours time. The company is also planning to add fruits and veggies to its line of products to be delivered within 1 day of harvesting. 

Several other apps in the delivery business use a subscription based model and offer services like customers can order dairy items, veggies, and other products as well. One of the newest entrants is Jio mart and several others include Supr Daily, Milkbasket etc. 

Dairy tech new companies are currently stressed over rivalry and various market players can coincide. However, all things considered, it is still early to imply anything. It's an exceptionally enormous and intense industry as it includes a short-lived item, many moving parts and there is a lot of uncertainty with regards to the related items. So one's necessity includes a lot of skill or time to ace in this business domain.  

The greatest difficulties confronting the dairy market are totally established because of scarcity be it labour or quality farm animal. These new advances will bring about more farmers deciding to make dairy a full-time business instead of a side hustle. 

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