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Supreme Court Issues Warning Regarding Phishing Scam Website

Be aware of phishing scam websites as Supreme Court issued a warning.

Vivek Singh
Supreme Court warned regarding phishing scam websites (Photo Courtesy: Pixabay)
Supreme Court warned regarding phishing scam websites (Photo Courtesy: Pixabay)

The Supreme Court has issued an alert about a fake website posing as the official court site, aiming to carry out phishing attacks. In an official announcement, the Supreme Court strongly advises people to avoid clicking or sharing links without verifying their legitimacy. The fraudulent website intends to deceive individuals and extract sensitive information.

The Supreme Court emphasizes that it never requests personal or financial data through digital means. This preemptive communication aims to prevent harm from disclosing information to malicious sources. Cybersecurity experts stress the importance of vigilance against phishing scams, suggesting verifying the authenticity of online communications and reporting suspicious activity. The Court's alert highlights its dedication to protecting digital security and privacy. As technology advances, individuals must remain cautious to outwit cyber threats and evade online scams.

The notice can be read as follows:

The Registry of the Supreme Court of India has been notified about a phishing attempt. A fraudulent website has been established, posing as the official website. This imposter site is accessible through two URLs:

  • http://cbins/scigv.com

  • https://cbins.scigv.com/offence

Using the URL https://cbins.scigv.com/offence, the perpetrators are attempting to deceive individuals into providing personal and sensitive information, specifically related to the "Offence of Money-Laundering." Visitors to these URLs are strongly cautioned against sharing any personal or confidential information. Doing so could empower the wrongdoers to unlawfully acquire this information.

The Registry strongly cautions the general public against clicking on or sharing links they receive without confirming their authenticity. It's important to remember that the Registry of the Supreme Court of India will never request personal details, financial information, or any other confidential data. Additionally, please be aware that the official domain name used by the Supreme Court of India is www.sci.gov.in. It's recommended to always hover over URLs before clicking on them to ensure their legitimacy.

If you find yourself falling victim to the aforementioned phishing attempt, it is advised to modify your passwords for all online accounts and promptly inform your bank and credit card company about the unauthorized access.

The Registry of the Supreme Court of India has taken this phishing incident seriously and has alerted law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate the attack and apprehend those responsible for legal action. This announcement is being made in the interest of public safety.

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