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Tomato Price Hike: Red Turns To Gold; Memers Take On Social Media

Tomato prices hike to over Rs 150 in many cities of India due to higher temperatures and heavy rains. This makes an adverse effect on tomato output as compared to several past years. Memers took social media and shared several memes.

Vivek Singh
A spike in tomato price in different parts of the country (Photo Courtesy: Pixabay)
A spike in tomato price in different parts of the country (Photo Courtesy: Pixabay)

Indian tomato prices are skyrocketing due to unfavorable weather conditions, leading to a surge in social media memes comparing the cost of this essential ingredient to various other expensive items. Heavy rains and higher-than-normal temperatures last month adversely affected tomato output, resulting in a fivefold price increase compared to previous years. While tomatoes typically become pricier during the lean production months of June and July, this year's impact has been particularly severe.

Tomatoes and onions hold great significance in India, and a spike in their prices has the potential to ignite protests. In fact, some political parties in India have lost elections due to their inability to control onion prices. Both tomatoes and onions are vital components of staple dishes in the country. Furthermore, the high food prices could hinder the central bank's efforts to stimulate economic growth and maintain inflation at a manageable level.

Overall, adverse weather conditions have led to a significant surge in tomato prices in India, impacting both consumers and the economy at large. The situation highlights the deep-rooted importance of these ingredients in Indian cuisine and emphasizes the need for effective measures to mitigate the effects of such price fluctuations.

Social media in India is buzzing with memes related to the soaring prices of tomatoes. These memes humorously compare the cost of tomatoes with petrol, and diesel, and even offer free iPhones with every kilogram of tomatoes.

The retail price of tomatoes in New Delhi has reached 120 rupees per kilogram, a significant increase from 22 rupees at the beginning of the year. In comparison, petrol is selling for around 96 rupees per litre in the capital. The rising prices of tomatoes, along with other food items like pulses and rice, are likely to contribute to an estimated 4% year-on-year increase in food inflation for June.

The surge in tomato prices has even led to criminal activities, such as the theft of a significant quantity of tomatoes in Karnataka. According to officials, tomato prices typically rise during June-July and again in October-November due to lean production seasons in major growing areas says media reports. The prices are expected to start declining once the harvesting season begins in August.

Southern and western states, which account for a majority of India's tomato production, distribute their surplus crop to other markets in the country depending on the season. While the government searches for long-term solutions, it is also seeking public input to develop cost-effective technologies that can ensure tomatoes are available at affordable prices.

The current tomato price crisis in India has captured public attention, prompted humorous memes and calls for innovative solutions to make this essential ingredient more accessible to all.

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