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Tomato Prices in India are Skyrocketing High, Govt Seeks Suggestions from People

The tomato price hike has burdened the common man so much so that the Central government his organizing a hackathon to solve this.

Aysha Anam
Tomato Prices in India. (Photo Courtesy: Pexels)
Tomato Prices in India. (Photo Courtesy: Pexels)

Amid the ongoing tomato price soar, the Central government on Friday announced a 'Tomato Grand Challenge' (TGC) hackathon. Tomato price in Delhi, Chennai, Patna, and Lucknow, has touched Rs 120 per kg lately. Therefore, the government is asking the people in the country to share innovative ideas to lessen the burden of tomato price hikes.

Tomato prices in India are between Rs 80 to 113 kg in many cities due to the disruption supply chain amid climatic chaos, with heatwaves and monsoons, spoiling the fruit. The hackathon has been announced by Rohit Kumar Singh from the Department of consumer affairs, and the Ministry of Education (innovative cell) has also joined in.

Tomato Grand Challenge Hackathon: Who can apply?

The hackathon is open to students, research scholars, teachers, industries, start-ups, and professionals. The Department of Consumer Affairs has briefed that the ideas should be focusing the tomato value chain, in order to meet the growing demand in the market.

Earlier, the government had asked people for their suggestions to curb the price rise of onions. The Department of Consumer Affairs received 13 ideas then.

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