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Vegetable Vendor from Assam Buys His Dream Scooter Paying Money Only in ‘Coins’!

In a unique turn of events, Hafizur Akhand, a modest vegetable vendor in Assam purchased his dream scooter by paying a big sack full of coins. Barpeta saved coins worth Rs.22000 for over a year and bought a two-wheeler from the earnings.

Ayushi Raina
The vegetable vendor purchased a scooter with a sack full of coins which he saved
The vegetable vendor purchased a scooter with a sack full of coins which he saved

The popular usage 'every penny counts,' was taken to heart by a vegetable vendor from Assam who proved that even little savings can bring good returns in the future. A vegetable vendor from Assam performed something unusual, which gained him praise from the internet.

The vegetable vendor purchased a scooter with a sack full of coins which he saved. Hirak J Das, a YouTuber, posted his heartwarming story a few days ago on his channel.

The video was appreciated by many users across social media who lauded the efforts of Hafizur Akhand from Barpeta.

"I wanted to buy a two-wheeler, but the price was too high, and it required me to save for a long time," he stated.

"I started saving coins for almost a year and approached a two-wheeler company promotion event and told them about my savings in coins. They then took the coins to their showroom to count and the amount turned out to be ₹ 22000," said the vegetable vendor.

Three men were seen entering a two-wheeler showroom carrying a heavy sack in the YouTube video shared by Das. It also demonstrates that the sack contains a large number of coins, which are being emptied into several baskets.

A few employees of the showroom are later seen counting the coins.

"It took us two to three hours to count the coins in the sack. We accepted pennies as payment for the two-wheeler, and the rest was paid through finance", a senior member of the staff told.

A video of a Russian blogger going to an Apple store to buy an iPhone XS with a bathtub full of pennies went viral a few years ago.

A Facebook user posted an image from the 2018 incident, which showed Apple store employees counting the cash brought by blogger Svyatoslav Kovalenko.

According to an Apple spokeswoman, the bathtub contained 100,000 Rubles, which was enough to buy the iPhone model, which was then priced between $1050 and $1500 in Russia.

Kovalenko later posted a video on Instagram explaining how he managed to carry the heavy bathtub with 350kg of coins to the store.

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