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West Bengal Govt Prioritizes Tea Tourism Development, Says Shashi Panja

West Bengal Industry and Commerce Minister Shashi Panja stated that the government is emphasizing tea tourism in north Bengal while also emphasizing plantation operations.

Shivam Dwivedi
West Bengal Govt Prioritizes Tea Tourism Development, Says Shashi Panja
West Bengal Govt Prioritizes Tea Tourism Development, Says Shashi Panja

Panja stated at an MCCI event on April 12 evening that the state government had taken over a piece of the property that cannot be used for cultivation. It would be marketed for tourism purposes at the tea gardens of New Chumta (in the Darjeeling foothills) and Raydak (Jalpaiguri).

She also stated that the area would be used to promote homestays and low-cost accommodation for tea garden employees. In addition to the Amritsar-Dankuni freight corridor, the minister stated that 8,000 acres of non-agricultural land had been selected for the development of a variety of companies.

The minister stated that the West Bengal government's Industrial Promotion Board has selected land in Purulia district for the establishment of industrial units, which has been divided into orange and green zones. She stated that the board had taken steps to resolve land issues.

"The government has brought eight departments under the board's umbrella to identify land that can be converted for industrial use," stated the Commerce and Industry Minister.

Panja stated that the government is also interested in shuttered units' property that can be utilised for industrial purposes, citing the 193-acre Dhakeswari Cotton Mills near Asansol and the 360-acre Durgapur Projects Limited (DPL). The Bengal Global Business Summit will be held in November this year, according to the minister.

Tea tourism has the potential to not only promote our heritage, custom, and culture, but also to give jobs and enhance the livelihoods of local communities. Tourism is a significant generator of economic prosperity and growth, and it can provide employment opportunities for unskilled, semi-skilled, and highly trained workers.

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