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World Health Day 2023: Why is This Day Celebrated?

World Health Day is observed annually on April 7th to promote health awareness and access to healthcare. The theme for 2023 is "Health for Everyone," and the WHO will also reflect on public health achievements over the past 75 years.

Eashani Chettri
The topic chosen by WHO to commemorate the day this year is "Health for Everyone."
The topic chosen by WHO to commemorate the day this year is "Health for Everyone."

According to the World Health Organization, being healthy involves more than just eating right (WHO). In order to ensure that everyone lives a long and healthy life, it is also about how the world can work together. This might be accomplished through developing novel insights, treatments, and vaccinations. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) designates April 7 of each year as World Health Day with the goal of promoting health awareness, ensuring everyone has access to healthcare, and other related goals.

World Health Day 2023: History

The first World Health Day was established to commemorate the establishment of the WHO. In order to promote health, maintain global security, and assist the vulnerable – so that everyone, everywhere can achieve the maximum degree of health and well-being – countries from all over the world came together and formed WHO back in 1948. The inaugural World Health Day was commemorated on April 7 two years later, in 1950, and ever since then, it has been honored on the same day.

World Health Day 2023: Theme

Every year, a different theme is used to commemorate World Health Day. The topic chosen by WHO to commemorate the day this year is "Health for Everyone." This topic is consistent with the idea that everyone should have access to the health services they require when and where they are required, free from financial hardship. Health is a basic human right.

In order to commemorate the occasion and WHO's 75th anniversary, WHO will also look back on public health achievements that have improved quality of life over the past seven decades. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that "this year, we are seeing as an opportunity to get motivated and take measures against the health challenges of today and tomorrow.”

World Health Day 2023: India’s Position

In India, there is one doctor for every 1,456 people, according to the most recent data from the Economic Survey 2020-21. The​ WHO recommends a doctor-to-population ratio of 1 doctor per 1000 people, which is far over this. Only 11 of India's 28 states, according to the National Health Profile India, 2019, data, achieve the WHO-recommended benchmark doctor-to-population ratio.

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