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World Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day Celebrations Highlight Role of Hydrogen in Building a Sustainable and Prosperous Future

We should encourage our industries and communities to adopt hydrogen as a crucial element in the shift towards cleaner energy," stated R. K. Singh, the Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy, while announcing the unveiling of a Rs. 400 Crores R&D Roadmap for the National Green Hydrogen Mission.

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World Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day Celebrations Highlight Role of Hydrogen in Building a Sustainable and Prosperous Future
World Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day Celebrations Highlight Role of Hydrogen in Building a Sustainable and Prosperous Future

The Indian government celebrated World Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day in New Delhi on October 7, 2023, in partnership with the Solar Energy Corporation of India Limited. The event gathered hydrogen experts from various sectors and unveiled a Rs. 400 crore R&D Roadmap for the National Green Hydrogen Mission. This roadmap aims to foster a strong research and development environment for advancing Green Hydrogen technology, supporting its commercialization, and aiding India in achieving its climate and energy goals.

It prioritizes innovations in materials, technologies, and infrastructure for efficient, reliable, and cost-effective green hydrogen production, storage, and transportation while addressing technical challenges and safety.

Reiterate Our Commitment To Research, Development And Deployment Of Hydrogen Solutions

"In a video message, R. K. Singh, the Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy, emphasized the significance of World Hydrogen and Cell Day as a day to celebrate the transformative potential of hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe. He highlighted hydrogen's capacity to revolutionize our energy landscape, combat climate change, and power our economies with clean energy. On this World Hydrogen Day, he urged us to reaffirm our dedication to researching, developing, and implementing hydrogen solutions, inspiring industries and communities to embrace hydrogen as a crucial element in the energy transition. Together, we can make sure that hydrogen plays a pivotal role in a sustainable and prosperous future for our planet Earth.

First Priority Is Mission-Mode Projects Which Will Yield Results In 2–3 Years

Prof. Ajay Kumar Sood, the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India, highlighted green hydrogen's role in decarbonization during a keynote speech. He urged a focus on mission-driven R&D projects with a Rs. 400 crore budget, aiming for results within 2-3 years. Prof. Sood emphasized the need to boost domestic electrolyzer production and establish Type IV hydrogen storage cylinder standards to enhance efficiency and compatibility with global standards.

Research Awarded Under R&D Roadmap Will Allow India To Be Absolutely At The Cutting Edge In The Field

Bhupinder Singh Bhalla, the Secretary of New and Renewable Energy, emphasized India's strategic entry into the green hydrogen sector, positioning the nation as a global leader. He stressed the importance of producing cost-efficient and highly efficient green hydrogen, aiming to surpass global technological advancements. The R&D Roadmap under the National Green Hydrogen Mission covers production, transportation, storage, and safety, with funded research initiatives expected to propel India to the forefront of the industry.

Launch of National Single Window System page for Approvals under National Green Hydrogen Mission

The National Green Hydrogen Mission in India introduced the National Single Window System (NSWS) webpage for project approvals, streamlining the process. Bhupinder Singh Bhalla stressed the urgency of achieving Net Zero emissions by 2070 and highlighted hydrogen's transformative potential in decarbonizing key sectors. R. P. Gupta discussed hydrogen and green ammonia as long-term energy storage solutions, emphasizing cost reduction. Abhay Bakre presented Draft Accreditation Procedure and Carbon Credit Trading Scheme guidelines. Ajay Yadav confirmed finalization of all mission schemes, including hydrogen hubs, with pilot projects in various sectors, paving the way for a hydrogen-powered future in India.

The Winners Of The National Hydrogen Maha Quiz Were Announced At The Event

The event included the announcement of National Hydrogen Maha Quiz winners. R.K. Malhotra discussed the current state of green hydrogen in India, while Dr. Rochan Sinha highlighted membrane-less electrolyzers' progress. Dr. C. Gopinath presented advancements in Artificial Photosynthesis and Negative Carbon Electrolysis. Prashant from the Sustainable Projects Development Association addressed challenges faced by green hydrogen developers. A roundtable meeting aimed to enhance collaboration between the banking system and developers for affordable financing, involving MNRE, DFS, SECI, IREDA, NITI Aayog, Indian Banks' Association, banks, and developers.

World Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, a global initiative, seeks to raise awareness and promote understanding of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy source, as well as the versatile technology of fuel cells. This day serves as a platform to recognize the potential of hydrogen and fuel cells in addressing critical challenges such as climate change, energy security, and environmental sustainability. We explore the significance of World Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, the role of hydrogen in the energy transition, and the promising advancements in fuel cell technology.

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