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“World Looking Towards India to Bring Stability in Supply Chain”: PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Aspirational Block Programme on Saturday, modelled after a similar initiative aimed at developing backward districts, and stated that India is focusing on the four pillars of infrastructure, investment, innovation, and inclusion in order to become a developed country.

Shivam Dwivedi
Strengthening MSME sector is important for the country to become self-sufficient
Strengthening MSME sector is important for the country to become self-sufficient

"In order to build a developed India, the country is focusing on four pillars of infrastructure, investment, innovation, and inclusion," Modi said on the third and final day of the second national conference of state chief secretaries. Today, the entire world has placed its trust in India, and we are regarded as a country capable of bringing stability to the global supply chain."


According to a statement, he stated that the country can only fully benefit from this if states take the lead by focusing on quality and making decisions with a "India-first" mindset.

"The country would be able to take full advantage of this new position in the world only if states take the lead by maintaining focus on quality and taking decisions with an India-first approach. States should prioritise pro-development governance, ease of doing business, ease of living, and robust infrastructure provision."

The Prime Minister also directed the chief secretaries to focus on eliminating "mindless compliances" and outdated laws and rules.


He also urged the Niti Aayog to encourage healthy competition among states and the development of action plans based on the conference's observations.

There is no room for over-regulation and mindless restrictions at a time when India is embarking on unprecedented reforms, he tweeted. "We should move toward self-certification, deemed approvals, and form standardization," he suggested. The prime minister also discussed the development of physical and social infrastructure, as well as the enhancement of cybersecurity.

"With the world's eyes on India, combined with our youth's rich talent pool, the coming years belong to our nation. Strengthening our MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) sector is important for the country to become self-sufficient and boost economic growth," Modi said, adding that popularising local products is also important.


Modi also discussed the significance of 2023 being designated as the International Year of Millets, as well as strategies for increasing the popularity of their products. "We have witnessed extensive discussions over the last two days at the chief secretaries conference in Delhi. During my remarks today, I focused on a wide range of topics that can improve people's lives and strengthen India's development trajectory," he tweeted.


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