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How do you structure a good essay?

A thoughtful selection of the content online and in the library is crucial for essay writing, but keeping a clear essay structure is also important for creating a high-quality paper.

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A thoughtful selection of the content online and in the library is crucial for essay writing, but keeping a clear essay structure is also important for creating a high-quality paper. As Statista says, a significant percentage of students of the UK and USA colleges submit their assignments in the form of essays, and a good structure is essential to get a top grade.

An essay structure is relatively easy to improve, although it requires practice and assistance. Still, you can become an expert in structuring if you use the following pieces of advice.

Create an outline for your essay 

The best and the most convenient way to ensure that the structure of your essay will be clear and easy to follow is to write an outline. The outline provides valuable services, as it helps to keep in mind the main point of the essay and the arguments you will discuss supporting it. Moreover, the outline is a framework of your future essay that equally benefits its content and structure. In terms of the content, it is useful to keep in mind the main idea and sub-ideas you will state in the text. For instance, here is the outline for an imaginary essay on the topic "Why is it important to master your academic writing?"

Introduction: What is academic writing, and who uses it?

  • Paragraph 1: A high-quality academic writing is necessary for professional communication.

  • Paragraph 2: Academic writing is important for free cooperation worldwide.

  • Paragraph 3: Its requirements allow informing the reader in a convenient and non-obscure manner.

  • Conclusion: The development of academic writing skills is an inevitable part of future education.

The outline can help you state the main idea of the essay and reasons why the reader should consider it. It is necessary to justify the essay thesis consequently to persuade the audience for sure. In the other case, your thoughts can jump from one reason to another, and it will be hard to understand if arguments have been developed to their logical end. Dedicating one paragraph to one argument is an easy way for writers to improve their essay structure in academic English writing and avoid mixing different thoughts within one paragraph.

Make paragraphs' structure clear

Along with keeping the overall essay structure understandable, it is essential to pay attention to the structure of separate paragraphs while writing from scratch. These sections have to focus on one argument at a time, according to the outline. Besides, the manner of its presentation directly contributes to the general persuasiveness of your essay. Nevertheless, this manner also strongly depends on the essay type.

For example, a research-based essay typically discusses findings from other works referenced within the paper, while one focused on reflection requires an original rationale coming from more personalized beliefs. The general structure necessary for the clear argument presentation remains the same for all these cases. The structure of the first paragraph from the imaginary outline placed above would look the following:

  • The main idea of the paragraph: A high-quality academic writing is necessary for professional communication.

  • First supporting detail for the idea: Research that demonstrates the applicability of academic writing for this purpose. 

  • Second supporting detail: Personal impression from academic writing usage.

  • Restatement of the main idea: Why is academic writing important for communication between professionals?

This scheme could remind the general essay outline, and they follow the same organizational principle: put general things first and develop them through arguments. Simultaneously, the reverse essay organization, when the final idea shapes through separate arguments, is possible, but it is more complicated and applicable for complex scientific works more than for separate papers. To ensure that the reader understands your arguments, you can use a professional essay writer for getting custom writing help online. Its website provides customers with an opportunity to buy a cheap example of a well-structured essay. Companies like this can create a custom assignment to explain all nuances of writing. You can order a custom paper and use it as a basis for your work and develop your style to create essays that are easy to read.

Pay attention to the length of each paragraph

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