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HundredX Agritech’s Ethylene Generators for banana and mango chemical free ripening: Safe, Reliable, Efficient, and Innovative

HundredX Agritech’s Ethylene Generators are reliable, efficient, and innovative equipment for ripening purpose.

Shivangi Rai
HundredX Agritech’s Ethylene Generators
HundredX Agritech’s Ethylene Generators

Fruit ripening is an essential part of the farming process, and a key step in transporting and selling fruit.

Traditionally, fruit ripeners have relied on the use of calcium carbide and other chemicals to accelerate the ripening of fruits. However, the use of these chemicals has been linked to cancer and other numerous health risks. As a result, the FSSAI is now encouraging the use of ethylene gas for fruit ripening instead. Climatic fruits, especially mango, banana, avocado, tomato, papaya are ripened with ethylene.

What is Ethylene Generator?

Ethylene generators are a safe and effective alternative to calcium carbide. They produce natural ethylene gas, which is the same hormone produced by fruits and vegetables to ripen naturally. This means that the ripening process is completely natural, with no added chemicals. As the fruit ripens its color, flavour, and texture changes. During the ripening process, fruits also become juicier and more fragrant.

Ripe All ethylene generators provide a consistent and reliable source of ethylene, ensuring that fruits ripen uniformly and consistently in a controlled manner. Additionally, they are much more efficient than traditional ripening techniques, as they allow for a much faster ripening process. This means that farmers can get their fruit to market more quickly, and with greater control over the quality of the produce. This makes them ideal for large-scale operations, as they can speed up the ripening process and reduce costs.

Ethylene Generator
Ethylene Generator

There are several firms manufacturing ethylene generators and one such renowned firm is HundredX Agritech Pvt. Ltd. with an emphasis on the best quality product, cost, and consultancy. Their mission is to provide smart fruit ripening solutions which assist their customers to attain maximum ripening quality at the best prices.

Their ethylene generators are widely used by ripeners, fruit traders, packers, fruit processing industries and are also being exported to South East, Middle East and Africa.

Ripe All ethylene generators can be used in insulated ripening chambers as well as normal non- insulated rooms. This feature makes them a more accessible option for small farmers and traders, who can now benefit from the advantages of ethylene ripening without having to pay a hefty price tag for insulated ripening chambers.

HundredX Agritech has invested in the promotion of ethylene generators in small towns, in an effort to reduce the use of calcium carbide and other harmful chemicals in India. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of farmers using ethylene generators for fruit ripening in recent years. By encouraging the use of ethylene generators, is helping farmers to reduce their cost and sell their produce directly to consumers. It is a win-win situation, and one that is sure to benefit India’s horticultural industry in the years to come.

HundredX Agritech Pvt. Ltd. offers its customers a variety of ethylene generators,

  1. Ripe All Ethylene Gas Generators- It is a portable ethylene generator for the ripening of climacteric fruits, especially mango, banana, avocado, tomato, papaya, and citrus degreening. Has smart tech features for those who want to control and monitor every step of the ripening process.

  2. Mini Ripe Ethylene Gas Generator- For those who just want basic ripening features at a deal price. It is a strong, durable, and thoroughly examined piece of machinery which requires basic maintenance.

The firm also manufactures a variety of other products like RipePlus Fruit Ripening Concentrate which is a ripening liquid used with the generator, and SenseAll Smart Sensor Controllers which are installed in ripening chambers to get real-time information about ethylene ppm level, CO2 level, temperature and humidity. These readings are sent directly on mobile phone apps or computers.

In addition to this, we will update this story when more details appear and keep you posted. For now, you can visit https://hundredxag.com/ to know more about HundredX Agritech and its offerings.

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