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“BEST PARTNER!”: Technology-Enabled Farmers Across Tamil Nadu Are Giving Mahindra Tractors Two Thumbs Up

In the state of Tamil Nadu, farmers are experiencing a farming revolution with Mahindra's cutting-edge technology, enhancing efficiency, reducing labor costs, and maximizing profits across various crops.

KJ Staff
Tamil Nadu Farmers Are Giving Mahindra Tractors Two Thumbs Up (Photo Source: Mahindra Tractors)
Tamil Nadu Farmers Are Giving Mahindra Tractors Two Thumbs Up (Photo Source: Mahindra Tractors)

Amidst the unending lush green fields that are symbolic of Tamil Nadu’s prosperity, an exciting revolution is brewing. Armed with an impressive range of farming vehicles, equipment, and implements bearing the Mahindra brand of cutting-edge technology, farmers across the state have been raving about the individual and collective gains that they are now shareholders.

Large agricultural holdings are traditionally considered to be labor, time, and finance-intensive across Tamil Nadu, as well as across much of India. However, cyclical farming requirements and the urgent need for innovation have seen a growing number of agriculturists turn to Mahindra technology and smarter farming techniques to level up their farming capabilities and maximize their profits.

Vignesh, a farmer from Senampalayam who owns coconut and plantain fields, is quick to explain the benefits of associating with Mahindra. “All of our processes used to rely on manpower for the last 30 years," he says. “But then, over time, with the ever-growing shortage of labor and the exorbitant payment for plantain fieldwork, it was practical and cost-efficient to work with a Mahindra mini tractor instead. As a user of different brands of farming vehicles, the Mahindra has features that set it apart.”

Tamil Nadu is blessed with an extensive range of crops, including rice, sugarcane, coconut, and bananas, among others. From the tilling of the land to its puddling, seeding, spraying, weeding, mulching, etc., every step of the farmer’s process is now supported and empowered by Mahindra Tractors, while also promising substantial savings. Thirumurty, a banana farmer from Pallevalayam, Patakaranur, states, “I now spend a third of the money I would spend on labour on fuel for my tractor instead. The savings have been huge, and extremely helpful.”

While every Mahindra tractor boasts an array of multipurpose heavy-duty capabilities, it is the mindful attention to the farmers’ wellbeing that makes the two entities true partners. The ‘Farmer First’ equation between the company and the individual farmers renders their partnership that much more wholesome. Vignesh, who has been a farmer for most of his adult life, used to suffer from immense body pain following a day of work in the past. The switch to a Mahindra tractor has been a physical blessing. “With this extremely user-friendly machine, I have not experienced body pain even after working 10-hour shifts.”

The farmers of Tamil Nadu are progressively familiarizing themselves with Mahindra tractors and their assortment of implements and attachments. One attachment that has especially been a popular hit among this demographic has been the Mahindra Rotavator, used to till the land as well as clear the field post-harvest. Dhanraj, a farmer from Mettupalayam, has solid confidence as he states, “I used to spend Rs 60000 on labor each year on harvesting and field clearing. I now do it by myself, for free.”

The farmers of Tamil Nadu have identified technological advancement and innovation as the key proponents of their continued growth, and Mahindra is proud to associate with and empower theirs and another million success stories.

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