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Dinesh Chauhan: A Shining Star of Sweet Corn Village in Haryana

Dinesh Chauhan is a farmer from Haryana who, through his hard work, achieved a new milestone. This farmer, along with cultivating sweet corn and other crops, is earning up to 40 lakhs annually.

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Dinesh Chauhan grows various crops in his farm primarily focusing on strawberries and sweet corn. He has also developed poly houses for hoticulture.
Dinesh Chauhan grows various crops in his farm primarily focusing on strawberries and sweet corn. He has also developed poly houses for hoticulture.

Dinesh Chauhan, is a progressive agriculturist residing in the Manauli village of Sonipat district, Haryana. Manauli is often called 'Sweet Corn Village' as the majority of farmers indulged in farming are growing sweet corn. Chauhan shared that through modern techniques in growing sweet corn in his field, he earns a good annual profit. In a conversation with Krishi Jagran, he revealed that he has been involved in agriculture since 1996 and has made his livelihood solely through farming. He possesses 30 acres of arable land where he conducts his farming activities.

Adopting Modernised Farming Methods

Digging deeper into his farming journey, he shared that he began strawberry cultivation in 1998, transitioning from traditional crops like wheat, corn, and sugarcane. As per popular belief during the late 1990s, people viewed farming through a narrow lens, considering it insignificant, leading to the migration of educated youth to pursue jobs instead of agriculture. Yet, Chauhan saw potential and shifted to modernised farming methods.

Sweet Corn: A Hallmark of Dinesh Chauhan

Gradually shifting focus from rice and wheat, he began emphasizing strawberry farming in his field. Though he initially lacked knowledge about strawberry cultivation and related techniques, he later shared his learning with fellow farmers and brought their learnings together to adopt better farming practices. Years later, he ventured into baby corn or sweet corn cultivation, which turned out to be highly successful. Today, his village is renowned as the 'Sweet Corn Village', and many farmers in the village are profiting from this cultivation.

Chauhan started cultivating sweet corn in 2001, while sharing about his journey he recalled the time when people were unfamiliar with it. He said, "Initially, people misunderstood it for American corn, later realising it was locally grown". While he faced difficulties due to low awareness and market demand, Chauhan gradually introduced his produce to markets. He faced challenges during this period too but his persistent effort eventually helped him in achieving substantial profits through market demand.

Awards and Accolade

Recognized with the Haryana Kisan Ratna Award in 2011 for his contributions to agriculture, Chauhan expressed joy in witnessing an increasing trend of educated and even IIT graduate youths engaging in farming. He believed that the perspective he aimed to change had significantly evolved.

Dinesh grows various crops, primarily focusing on strawberries and sweet corn. He has dedicated more than half of his land to sweet corn cultivation. He utilises the rest of the land area for horticulture through polyhouse, cultivating high-value crops aligned with market demand. He emphasized aligning production with market demand and has established market channels for his crops.

Expenses Vs Profits

Considering expenses and profits, sweet corn cultivation costs around Rs 25,000-30,000 rupees per acre while generating profits ranging from one to one and a half lakhs per acre. Availing schemes from the Haryana government and the agriculture department, he revealed that he can earn up to 40 lakhs annually. Through agricultural awareness programs, he encourages other farmers to strengthen their economic status by adopting modern farming techniques, emphasizing understanding local demands and market trends for successful farming practices.

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