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The Rise from Vine to Victory: How One Enterprising Family Employed Advanced Technology to Ensure Successful Harvests, Year After Year

Harshad Rakibe, a vineyard farmer from Nashik, Maharashtra, credits Mahindra Tractors for transforming his farming practices with its technology-driven solutions.

KJ Staff
How One Enterprising Family Employed Advanced Technology to Ensure Successful Harvests, Year After Year (Photo Source: Mahindra Tractors)
How One Enterprising Family Employed Advanced Technology to Ensure Successful Harvests, Year After Year (Photo Source: Mahindra Tractors)

While people around the world raise their glasses of wine to celebrate successes and milestones, vineyard farmer Harshad Rakibe and his family attribute their vineyard triumphs to the transformative power of Mahindra-activated modern technology in their daily farming activities. From Nashik, Maharashtra, Rakibe is one of 40 lakh+ farmers from across the world who put their trust in Mahindra Tractors’ range of farming vehicles for all their agricultural needs.

Rakibe finds great joy in the farming process with his Mahindra tractor, reveling in the streamlined and technology-driven ease it brings to his work. He, however, is no stranger to the intimate partnerships maintained between Mahindra Tractors and farmers; his family has been loyalists of the tractor brand through the generations. The interrelation between the two is apparent in his confident words: “Mahindra Tractors has played an instrumental role in my family’s growth. For 40 years now, my family has been together with Mahindra Tractors, and we have a shared success story together.”

With a large acreage dedicated to grape farming and a fleet of farming vehicles employed to help in this effort-intensive process, Rakibe is grateful for Mahindra’s continued involvement in making his farming processes efficient and profit-intensive. He is all praise for the partnership between farmers and Mahindra Tractors towards improving the efficiency and increasing the productivity of the agricultural sector. “Mahindra Tractors researched the overall requirements of farmers, be it the needs of a vineyard (like in his case) or the farming sector in general, and introduced the new feature-packed line of Mahindra Tractors,” he says.

Designed to escalate productivity, reflect intelligence, and maximize automation, Rakibe and millions of farmers like him have benefitted from the farmer-centric and efficiency-optimized digital data available right on their phones. “I receive daily statistics on the efficiency of my tractor, both on the road and in the fields. The wide array of technology-driven tractor management and maintenance systems available to me through the mobile app has helped me improve overall efficiency in the vineyards and boost profits," he mentions with the relief of cyclical savings in his words.

“There are many tractor-enabled processes involved in the management of a vineyard, right from plowing and sowing to spraying and harvesting. Besides all the technology that my Mahindra tractor boasts of, the fact that this vehicle is also my most fuel-efficient one has me saving money, time, and effort” says Rakibe, reiterating the success he and his family have unlocked for themselves by associating with Mahindra. “The biggest win and happiness in all of this has been the undivided time and attention that I now dedicate to my family and my children.”

Mahindra salutes Harshad’s dedication to forwarding innovation in the agricultural sector, and promises to be a committed farming-needs partner for generations to come!

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