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This Engineer from Kerala Uses Scientific Approach in his Dairy Farm, Now Earns in lakhs!

At a time when the youth tend to stay away from the mud, the fields and all things agriculture, this engineering graduate proudly introduces you to his dairy farm in Kerala- which is turning a neat monthly profit. Talk about a unique career path.

Ayushi Raina
This Engineer from Kerala Uses Scientific Approach in his Dairy Farm
This Engineer from Kerala Uses Scientific Approach in his Dairy Farm

At a time when the youth tend to avoid the mud, the fields, and all things related to agriculture, this engineering graduate is proudly running his dairy farm in Kerala and earning a good profit every month.

Jamsheer, a 25-year-old B.Tech graduate from Malappuram had a special place in his heart for agriculture and veterinary. He retained his passion throughout his lifetime.

Getting a Glimpse of Dairy Farming

Jamsheer realized that having only theoretical knowledge of dairy would not help him achieve his ambition. He used a two-pronged approach. On the learning front, he enrolled in the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in the Kerala region of Wayanad in 2013. He also enrolled in a two-year Dairy Diploma course.

In terms of practicality, he purchased two cows and five goats as a first step and kept them in his house. Later, he purchased three additional cows for growing 'mini-farm.' Following the completion of his Diploma study, he joined in the Dairy Engineering College of the University.

"Many people discouraged me and advised me to leave the dairy farm back home, believing that the farm would distract me from my Engineering studies. But I made sure I could manage both at the same time and passed the course in 2020," Jamsheer stated in an interview.

"At 2017-18, with the assistance of my family and a personal loan, I completed the development of my PCM Farm in Kizhissery, Malappuram district. I now own a dairy farm with 40 cows, including 28 milking cows. My farm produces about 270-300 liters of milk every day, and I make up to Rs.1 lakh per month. I sell milk at Milma, which is linked with the Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (KCMMF). I also deliver milk to other stores and hotels. Some locals come to the farm to buy milk as well," Jamsheer added.

Keeping the Cows healthy

The farm has Jersey cross cows, Holstein Friesian cross cows, and a variety of other breeds. Jamsheer proudly declares that he has a "semi-Hi-Tech" farm. "I raise grass for feeding the cows on my own farm. The cows also have access to fresh water all the time through the farm's automatic water bowl system. I also installed ceiling fans and a mist unit cooling system to help with the heat in the farm. The cows can also rest on rubber mats that have been spread on the floors" He said.

Many people believe that beautiful music can change one's mood, but did you know that it also applies to animals?

In the farm, the cows do get music piped through speakers for them as well.  Jamsheer emphasized that good music enhances milk production and provides a good rest to the cows.

"After feeding the cows, I turn up the radio at my farm so my cows may relax while listening to music. This trick helps me to get good milk production and reduces my effort. I also would recommend you to play music for your pets, which will help you in many ways,” he added.

Coronavirus Resulted in Shift of Mindset:

Jamsheer stated that several young people had approached him for assistance in establishing a farm. He feels this reflects a shift in the trend in the state, with more young graduates preferring to become farmers.

Jashi, an agriculture officer in Kerala, stated the same thing.

“Earlier, people considered jobs in agriculture as disgusting.  But things have changed since then. I believe the change is linked to the Coronavirus pandemic," she adds.

"Many people are unaware of the government's assistance in agriculture or other farming platforms." It should also be mentioned that NRI returnees who lost their jobs abroad have started agricultural businesses," Jashi stated.

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