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This Maharashtra Farmer Grows Coloured Cauliflower in His Half-Acre Land; Earns Lakhs Every Year

Farmer of Nashik district is making huge profits by successfully cultivating colored cauliflower in half an acre of land.

M Kanika
Colorful Cauliflower Cultivation
Colorful Cauliflower Cultivation

Colorful Cauliflower Cultivation: Farmers are always the ones who suffer the most from nature's whims. However, farming practices are rapidly changing these days and farmers are now concentrating on a few crops. 

According to agricultural scientists, profitable farming may also be done in agribusiness. By combining market demand and a new scientific approach to agriculture, the bleak view of agribusiness may be changed.

Keeping this in mind, Hemant Dissel, a farmer from Maharashtra's Nashik region, has successfully planted 3 types of colored cauliflower in his half-acre of land for the first time. He is now making a lot of money. Hemant Dissel said that good profits can be made at a minimal cost.

This Is How Hemant, Started Cultivating Colorful Cauliflower

So far, he has produced 4 tonnes of cauliflower from farms with more plans for the future. Apart from Vashi Mandi in Mumbai, Hemant claims that people have travelled from far off places to view this multicolored cauliflower. And currently its demands are very high. 

Hemant added that he always wanted to do something different in farming to save money and increase profits. He claims that for this crop, he contacted Syngenta Company and paid Rs 560 for 18 packets of 5 grams of seeds to sow in his half-acre of land.

After that, he began sowing. Cauliflower is typically planted in the months of October to November, and it takes 75 to 85 days to prepare.

According to Hemant, all farmers are excited to see such vibrant cauliflower in the fields. This is the first time in Maharashtra that this experiment has been successfully carried out in the district, according to the same experts. It is abundant in vitamin A, which helps in enhancing the immune system, and it is in high demand in cities since it contains more minerals. 

Get More Profit With Less Cost

Hemant estimated that the overall cost of this cultivation was between Rs 25,000 and Rs 30,000. He claims that four tonnes of vegetables have been produced so far, and another 2 tonnes is about to come.

He said, “I'm selling it for Rs.30 per kilogram. Vashi Mandi and Vapi in Mumbai have seen the most demand. There are many other farmers in the district, who are also interested in growing such vibrant cauliflower”. 

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