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This Man Is Reaping Potential of 1000 Sq. Ft Terrace To Grow Organic Veggies; Also Makes His Own Fertilizer & Pest Repellent

Dananjayan quit his job a long time ago to help take care of his family. However, while doing so he developed an interest in terrace farming and later decided to pursue it. His terrace garden idea was a success and he even won an award for his garden.

Kritika Madhukar

Dananjayan A V, a native of Payyannur, Kerala, quit his job as a cable operator five years ago to care for his family. He used to have a lot of spare time each day since his wife was employed and his two children had started school. Terrace farming for Dananjayan became a hobby as a natural outcome.

Months went by, and he became increasingly interested in farming. He became a member of the Krishithottam Group (KTG) on Facebook, where he learned about scientific and organic farming techniques.

The Farming Journey of Dananjayan

The 48-year-old started his farming journey by growing vegetables within a few bags using conventional techniques. He now has 250 such bags in which he produces okra, brinjal, tomato, chili, and bitter gourd, and seasonal greens such as lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and capsicum.

Terrace Garden of Dananjayan

By using the drip irrigation technique, Dananjayan saves both water and time. He uses his 1000-square feet terrace to grow vegetables. Dananjayan saves water and time by using drip irrigation on his 1000-square-foot terrace farm. It just needs to be refilled once a week and therefore is useful if the family is unable to care for the crops for a week or two. Implementing such scientific approaches and producing a bountiful harvest earned him the Kerala government's Best Terrace Farmer award in 2019.

Incorporating Drip Irrigation in his Terrace Garden

Dananjayan uses a drip irrigation technique that is distinct from conventional. It is transportable and takes only five minutes to set up. Biju Jalal, a Kollam-based inventor, created the system.

The system is made up of pipes and fabric strings are installed at the bottom, with large trays installed above. Plants in grow bags or pots are placed on top of them. The trays can support a weight of up to 100 kg.

According to Dananjayan, there is a misperception that terrace farming weakens a building. However, according to the terrace farmer, there is no danger at all if one has professional competence. To minimize direct contact with water on the terrace, the grow bags should be put at a low height. Alternatively, one might paint the patio with waterproof paint to prevent damage. 

Selling Organic Manure and Other Products Online

Dananjayan makes his organic manure at home from kitchen trash, which is a wonderful source of nutrients for plant growth. He set up two boxes to prepare it. Dry leaves, twigs, and poultry waste were put into it in addition to kitchen garbage, which sped up the process.

Even after Dananjayan had used the manure for his crops, there was still some remaining. As a result, he decided to put it up for sale. This manure is sold for Rs 30 per kilogram. Only 4 kg packs are currently available now. All sales are made through Facebook, and he also has received a lot of positive comments from farmers to whom he had sold his manure.

The terrace farmer also sells organic pest control treatments, seeds, and crop saplings in addition to manure. The best part about all of these things is that they are less expensive than those found in stores and gardens.

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