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India Starts Export of Organically Grown Millets of the Himalayas to Denmark

Big News: the first consignment of millets grown in Dev Bhoomi, Uttarakhand will be exported to Denmark.

Abha Toppo

Organic products exports: the first consignment of millets grown in the Himalayas from snow-melt water of Ganges in Dev Bhoomi, Uttarakhand will be exported to Denmark.

APEDA, together with Uttarakhand Agriculture Produce Marketing Board (UKAPMB) and Just Organik has sourced and processed finger millet or ragi and barnyard millet or jhingora from Uttarakhand farmers for exports that meets the organic certification standards of the EU.

The UKAPMB purchased millets directly from the farmers that have been processed in the state-of-art processing unit made by mandi board and run by Just Organik.

Dr M Angamuthu, Chairman of APEDA said, “Millets are unique agricultural products from India which have significant demand in the global market. We will continue to carry out export promotion for the millets with a special focus on products sourced from Himalayas”.

He added that Indian organic products, nutraceuticals & health food are very much in demand in the international market

Uttarakhand has been supporting organic cultivation and UKAPMB helps thousands of farmers in getting organic certification. These growers produce millets such as ragi, barnyard millet and amaranthus etc.

Export of Millets

Millets export to Denmark would further expand export opportunities in European nations. The exports will also help thousands of farmers that are getting into organic farming. Millets are gaining huge popularity worldwide because of its high nutritive values and being gluten free.

It must be noted that export of organic food products increased by more than 51% to Rs 7078 crore ($ 1040 million) in April-February (2020-21) compared to the same period in the last fiscal.

Oil cake meal is a key commodity of the organic product exports from India followed by oil seeds, fruit pulps & purees, cereals & millets, tea, spices, dry fruits, sugar, pulses, coffee etc. India’s organic products have been exported to 58 nations including US, EU, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Switzerland, Israel & South Korea.

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