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Maharashtra Govt. to Recruit 30, 000 Teachers: State School Education Minister Deepak Kesarkar

The Maharashtra Government and several other State governments are recruiting teachers in a huge number to raise the level of education. Deepak Kesarkar, State Minister for School Education, has recently informed that 30000 teachers will be recruited in Maharashtra schools.

Vivek Singh
Maharashtra Minister for School Education, Deepak Kesarkar announces to recruit teachers for the state's schools
Maharashtra Minister for School Education, Deepak Kesarkar announces to recruit teachers for the state's schools

Deepak Kesarkar, who is the state Minister for School Education, said that 30,000 candidates will be hired for the post of 'Teacher' by the next month as the new academic year begins. Deepak Kesarkar told the regional media channel that the selection process will be based on the current reservation rules and regulations followed by a personal interview. 

Kesarkar also said that the state is planning to recruit nearly 20,000 candidates as a teacher in the second stage. However, the number of teachers to be recruited in the second stage is not finalized yet. 

The PAB meetings which were conducted by the Ministry of Education say that the 18,000+ teaching posts in Maharashtra and 11,000+ teaching posts in Telangana are vacant for Classes 1 to 8. Even though there is a huge shortage of teachers in Maharashtra, the PTR at the elementary education stage is quite satisfactory. 

Previously, an expert committee - selected by the MVA government - found that there is a shortage of teachers in subjects like mathematics and science. This has caused a fall in the process of learning in schools. Hence, the panel decided to introduce or amend the policy through which regular teachers were supposed to be appointed again at night schools.

Acute Shortage of Teachers: Jharkhand to Recruit Teachers

Not only Maharashtra but Jharkhand is also facing a huge shortage of teachers. Economist Jean Drèze and researcher Paran Amitava prepared a report named “Gloom in the Classroom” which states that a large number of schools in Jharkhand still need to fulfill minimum norms set by the Right to Education Act, 2009. The report was prepared on behalf of Gyan Vigyan Samiti Jharkhand (GVSJ).

GVSJ surveyed 138 schools in 16 districts of the state from September 2022 to October 2022. It was reported that only 20 per cent of these schools had one teacher whereas the RTE Act says that schools must have at least two teachers. Additionally, most of these schools were run by para-teachers.

Earlier, Hemant Soren (Jharkhand Chief Minister) had announced to hire at least 25,000 teachers to fill the gap of the shortage of teachers over the past many years.

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