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ITDA Supports Farmers In Obtaining Organic Certification, Opening Door For More Marketing Opportunities

Organic farming produces high outcomes and will be profitable for tribal farmers. ITDA is now supporting Farmers in getting Organic Certification which will further aid in opening doors for more marketing opportunities.

Shivani Meena
organic farming
organic farming

As a pilot program, the Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA-Paderu) has opted to support organic farming on about 20,000 acres in 11 mandals in Visakha Agency. This will increase the revenue of tribal farmers. The project's goal is to encourage customers to buy their products with confidence. 

It should be noted that the Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) recently destroyed ganja cultivation on over 7,500 acres in Visakha Agency and East Godavari District Agency (tribal pockets) valued at over 9,000 crores. 

In addition, the state government has decided to encourage tribal farmers to produce commercial crops to wean them off cannabis production. Even though no other crop can compete with cannabis in terms of profits, the authorities decided to eradicate ganja production in Vizag Agency and persuade farmers to shift to other crops. 

According to Ronanki Gopala Krishna, project officer of ITDA-Paderu, even though many tribal people have been practicing organic agriculture and planting horticulture crops, they are not receiving remunerative returns due to a lack of organic certification. "We would use the Sikkim model to promote organic products cultivated by tribal people in the Vizag Agency," he said. 

Organic farming produces high outcomes and will be profitable for tribal farmers. Organic certification will open up more marketing opportunities. As a preliminary phase, we have picked 1,000 farmers who will be assisted in a variety of ways, including marketing facilities in major towns." 

"Promoting organic farming and product certification is a difficult task that takes at least three years." The pilot project's initial budget is Rs. 10 crore. "We have submitted a proposal to the government and are awaiting its approval," Gopala Krishna said. 

At least 1,000 progressive farmers would be chosen to begin organic farming in the Visakha Agency pilot project. In addition, the ITDA will assist tribal farmers in obtaining organic certification for their crops.

The state government has passed an organic farming policy to certify crops for better markets within the country and beyond. 

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