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This Man Has Planted a Whole Garden on His Auto Rickshaw to Keep Passengers Cool in Summer

An auto-driver from Delhi has come up with an innovative strategy to keep his customers and himself cool during the peak of the summer season.

Kritika Madhukar
Mahendra Kumar with his Garden-Auto
Mahendra Kumar with his Garden-Auto

This year's summer season got off to a fast start, with record-breaking temperatures in April alone. Folks are coming up with new and inventive ways to battle the weather and cool themselves down, in addition to the traditional cooling methods. In this searing summer heat, food and drink are excellent ways to keep the body cool. 

Meanwhile, one auto driver in Delhi devised a novel and creative technique to keep himself and his customers cool. The driver has developed a whole garden on the roof of his auto-rickshaw!

Mahendra Kumar, a 48-year-old Delhi-based auto driver, devised this innovative solution to protect himself and his passengers from the blazing summer heat while keeping them cool. In this mobile garden on the roof of his vehicle, he has managed to cultivate over 20 different species of herbs, veggies, and plants. In the one-of-a-kind garden (rooftop garden), he has even planted crops like lettuce, tomato, and millets.

Kumar started by laying a mat on the roof, then a sack, and finally soil for the garden. To maintain the plants green and healthy, he waters them twice a day.

Mahendra’s New Approach to Tackle the Scorching Summer

During the height of the summer season about two years ago, Mahendra had this idea and figured to grow some plants on the top of his rickshaw that would keep his rickshaw cool and provide his passengers some reprieve from the heat. It would be like having natural air conditioning now, he thought. 

After the journey, his guests are so satisfied that they don't mind paying him an extra ten to twenty rupees. 

Citizens have praised the Delhi auto driver's innovative suggestion on social media. Many passers-by take photos of Kumar's garden, and fellow rickshaw drivers ask for his advice.

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