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Easy Steps to Set-Up Terrace Garden

In this era of urbanization, population is continuously shifting from rural to urban areas for work and a good lifestyle.

Disha Jain

In this era of urbanization, population is continuously shifting from rural to urban areas for work and a good lifestyle. Due to the increasing needs of people lands available are less in number and higher priced. There are more people living in relatively less space. Also, climate change is making things worse. We may be earning more and buy more but the quality of our lives has declined. The air we breathe, the food we eat , the water we drink all have been contaminated due to pollution. We can save the environment and also our bodies from this by growing plants....It may be a small contribution towards environment but can help us to live a better life. 

But majority of us live in apartments and buildings and doesn't have agricultural lands or gardens to grow plants. 

The solution of this is you can create a green space right in your home at your terrace or balcony. 

Terraces get plenty of sunshine and also gardening is therapeutic and will help you connect with nature and also this garden will absorb carbon dioxide and helps in reducing the heat in the surrounding of your home. 

Spend just half an hour in the morning and another half hour in the evening attending your plants. 

You can grow ornamental trees, flowers, herbs, shrubs and even your own vegetables that too 100% organic and pesticide free. 

Setting up a terrace garden is quite easy and here's a step - by - step guide: 

1. Plan the layout

There are 2 ways to set a terrace garden, either you can cover the entire surface with soil to convert it to a lawn or you can put plant pots and grow plants in them. 

As terrace have some space constraints as compared to a normal garden, planning the space usage accordingly is necessary.  

Look for the places which are shaded and  and also for areas which receive sunlight for the maximum time of the day. If you planning for any sitting area on the terrace determine it's place. 

During summer, plants need to be protected from direct sunlight, for this you can make a shade. Select the place for this. 

2. Select the plants

Start with something simple to grow. 

If you want to grow vegetables then start with the ones that grow fast and doesn’t require much effort, like coriander, fenugreek, chilli, capsicum, etc. 

Generally, fibre rooted plants are recommended. 

If you have pillars on the terrace, you can grow climbers like : bottle gourd, cucumbers etc.  using them as support. 

Start with terrace gardening plants like jasmine, periwinkle, lavender, rosemary, primrose etc. 

3. Water - proofing 

One of the important step is to make the terrace's flooring water - proof / water - resistant so that watering plants doesn't damage the building. 

It's a simple procedure and there are many water - proofing products available for this. 

The waterproofing layer must be covered with an insulation layer which protects it. 

4. Preparing the soil

The soil must be selected according to the plants you desire to grow. Basically arrange for a highly fertile right moisture and minerals containing soil . 

Check for soil's pH and have some portion of compost, vermicompost etc. and use this soil mix. 

Buy it from any local nursery or from online platforms. 

Or you can buy some ingredients, create your own compost ( preferably kitchen compost) and do the soil mix. 

5. Plant containers or pots

You can use a variety of pots for your garden. Use earthern pots, cement pots, grow bags or hanging pots coming in different shapes, sizes and colours to decorate the garden. 

Or you can use old paint boxes, wooden crates, broken buckets, kitchen utensils,coconut shells etc. to grow plants. 

6. Seeds

Either buy seeds from store or use the seeds of the vegetables you buy. Check for the qualities according the plants you want to grow. 

7. Watering and additional requirements

Water the plants timely and frequently (according to the season: twice a day in summer, once a day in winter, after 2-3days in rainy season). Spray pesticides and fertilizers for a fast and healthy growth of plant. 

If you want 100% organic growth than use kitchen waste, cow dung etc as a fertiliser. 

Quite easy to start a terrace garden. You need to maintain it by proper watering, pest checkup, fertilizer adding. Just spend 1hr. per day and set-up an amazing terrace garden for yourself. 

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