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Top 5 Farming Techniques Government Should Promote More to Help Farmers Earn Extra Money

Agriculture & Farming has experience so many new changes in past few years. Increasing costs and less produce by traditional ways of farming are the main reasons behind these innovations. These new farming techniques are much than just future of agriculture, these may be the keys to survival of the human race.

Vivek Verma
Profitable Farming Techniques
Profitable Farming Techniques

Agriculture & Farming has experience so many new changes in past few years. Increasing costs and less produce by traditional ways of farming are the main reasons behind these innovations. These new farming techniques are much than just future of agriculture, these may be the keys to survival of the human race. The problem is that the knowledge about these amazing farming techniques does not reach to targeted audience properly. In this case the target audiences are farmers.

Majority of the farmers have no or very little knowledge about new innovations in agriculture & farming. Incomplete knowledge about these new technologies make their implementation really difficult for farmers.

The role of Governments is crucial in advertising and promoting these technologies so that the information can reach to masses & they can be benefited. This will help more farmers to earn much more money with less effort and less use of resources.

Let’s discuss 5 amazing farming techniques that Govt. should promote more to benefit farmers:

1. Multi-Layer Farming:

The process of growing compatible multiple crops of different heights together in the same farm at the same time is known as Multi-Layer farming. It is generally a combination of fruits & vegetables that can grown together. These crops are grown at different heights at the same time.

The objective of this Multi-Layer farming is to utilize space much more effectively. This gives farmers much better harvest and more earnings as more crops can be grown on the same land with same resources that are used to grow single crop. The chances of total crop failure are very low.

Many farmers have adopted this farming technique and are earning much more than before. The amazing thing is if you have 1 or 2 acre of land, still you can earn 8-10 lakhs in a year with Multi-Layer Farming.

For more detailed information you can read the below article.

Earn 10 Lakhs in a Year With Only 1 Acre of Farming Land


2. Permaculture:

The word Permaculture is a combination of two words Permanent & Agriculture. It is a system for designing Agriculture Landscapes to work with nature without the use of chemicals and machinery. Permaculture principles can be applied to any type of land anywhere to make it fertile and increase crops produce.

No tractors & manufactured chemicals are used in farms in permaculture. It teaches us that nothing is waste as waste of one element feeds another. In Permaculture, all the things that are used in farming are natural or naturally prepared. Such as water management with Rainwater Harvesting, Natural fertilizers, compost & pesticides.

Many farmers who adopted for permaculture have turned their ‘Banjar Lands’ into fertile.

For complete information on Permaculture, read the below article.

Do Farming without Tractors, Pesticides or Other Chemicals & Make ‘Banjar’ Lands Fertile; Complete Guide Inside


3. Zero Budget Natural Farming:

While addressing the UN Conference on Desertification, our Prime Minister has said that India is focusing on Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF). To double farmer’s income by 2022, ZBNF also was highlighted in Budget 2019.

However, the complete knowledge regarding ZBNF has yet to reach the majority even now. Zero Budget Natural Farming is a set of methods for chemical free agriculture. The main aim of ZBNF is to bring down the cost of production to zero. This is done by making own natural compost and fertilizer, making own natural pesticides & insecticides. In ZBNF it is believed that there is no need for expensive manufactured chemicals in farming & agriculture. 

4. Biofloc Fish Farming:

It is a method of fish farming that is much more profitable than other methods like open pond fish farming. In this method waste left by the fish such as Ammonia, Nitrate, and Nitrite can be converted into feed. The principle of this technique is to recycle nutrients. Biofloc helps in cleaning the culture water of the fish while giving an additional source of feed. It is a sustainable and eco-friendly process. It is ideally practiced in a tank.

In aquaculture, the main costs are related to high protein feeds for animals. By recycling feces and waste by fish & using it again as feed, Biofloc helps in cutting the cost down and raise the profits.

For complete information on Biofloc, you can click & read below article.

Double Your Income with Biofloc Fish Farming; Know How & Its Benefits


5. Hydroponics:

The easiest definition of Hydroponics can be growing plants in water without soil. Many of the foods we eat today like tomato, lettuce are grown hydroponically in many places. The best part is you don’t need farms for hydroponics. It can be done in homes, rooftops, rooms. Depends on where & how much space you have.

Growers all round the world are earning really good money through Hydroponics. The good thing is majority of them are not rural farmers, they are people living in metropolitan & urban cities. There are many successful hydroponics growers in India as well. Just do simple internet search & you will know how many success stories are there for this.

Benefits of Hydroponics can be greater yields and less diseases in plants as some major ones are soil related. This can be an excellent source for surplus income for regular people and farmers. This is why it has to be promoted more, advertise more.

For more detailed information on Hydroponics business, you can read the below article.

How to Start with a Successful Hydroponics Farm Business?

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