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Best Agriculture Business Ideas with Small Investment & High Revenue

Now, our farmers need not worry as we have found a way out to provide solutions to all these problems. Through this article, we wish that even small-scale farmers can generate more revenue from basic farming.

Tooba Maher
A Farmer in the field with his mobile
A Farmer in the field with his mobile

It will not be wrong to say that farmers have endless suffering in their lives. Be it due to loans, drought, and continuous rains. Our farmers no longer need to be concerned because we have devised a solution to all of these issues. We hope that by writing this post, even small-scale farmers would be able to produce more cash from basic farming.

In this article, we will provide you with great ideas to start a business in the agricultural sector with your basic resources and local demand. These great ideas will provide you profitable future in agriculture.   

Agriculture Business Ideas: 

It can be divided into three broad categories which are as follows: 

  • Productive Resources- such as equipment, feed, fertilizer, energy, machinery, seed etc. 

  • Agricultural Commodities- such as raw & processed commodities of food and fiber. 

  • Facilitative Services- such as credit, marketing, processing, storage, transportation, insurance, packing etc. 

How can profitable business be generated in agriculture? 

Read Best Lucrative Agriculture Business Ideas: 

Agricultural Farm  

You can simply start an agricultural farm by investing reasonable money. By it, one can produce items according to the local demand and sell them locally. However, for supplying product in far areas you can do it through distribution channels.    

Vermicompost Organic Fertilizer Production

Organic Fertilizer Production requires a very small investment. Just know the proper know-how of the production process and you are ready to go. 

3. Dried Flower Business

The production of flowers is one of the fastest-growing crops trending in today’s agriculture. It requires all types of flowers especially unique & hard to grow varieties.

4. Fertilizer Distribution Business

One can start Fertilizer Distribution Business with moderate capital investment. This business is mostly controlled by the government.

5. Organic Farm Green House

There is increased demand for organically grown farm products. This has led to the growth of this agricultural business. People are growing organic food to avoid many health risks in the foods grown with chemicals and fertilizers.

6. Poultry Farming

For nearly three decades, poultry farming has been changed from backyard farming to a techno-commercial sector. It is the most rapidly expanding agricultural sector and farming enterprise.

(For more detail about Poultry Farming click here)

7. Mushroom Farming

This business can generate substantial earnings in a matter of weeks. You only need a small amount of start-up funding. A little mushroom growing information can go a long way in this farming business.

8. Hydroponic Retail Store Business

It is termed as a new plantation technology. Hydroponic Retail Store requires soil free way of plantation for both commercial and home use.

9. Snail Farming Business

Snail farming is the practice of cultivating land snails for human use. It contains a high concentration of iron, protein, low fat, and nearly all of the amino acids required by the human body. One should be well-versed in modern technology.

10. Sunflower Farming Business

The primary requirement to start sunflower farming is the land. Growing sunflower for oilseed can be done in a small investment. It is also called a Commercial Cash Crop.

11. Bee Keeping

The beekeeping business necessitates daily monitoring and constant management of the bees. It is not an easy chore, but it is also not difficult. It is primarily done to sell honey and other items such as wax. Keep in mind that the global demand for honey is increasing. Thus, choosing this business is a profitable enterprise that is feasible with minimal investment.

12. Fish Farming

You can do this business at any time of the year. Fish farming requires modern techniques & moderate capital investment.

(For more details about fish farming click here)

13. Fruits & Vegetables Export

You can begin exporting fruits and vegetables by gathering them from local farmers. This can be accomplished with simple communication, such as a phone call or a computer with an internet connection.

14. Florist Business

A retail area and connections with flower producers are required for the florist business. It is regarded as one of the most profitable retail agriculture business opportunities. You may accomplish it online by offering flower delivery to customers' homes.

15. Frozen Chicken Production

Global demand for frozen chicken is increasing. You can start this business by residing in a metropolitan or suburban area. It is an extremely profitable business.

16. Botanical Pesticide Production

Botanical pesticides are essential and required for organic cultivation. This commodity is in high demand and is regarded as one of the most successful agricultural business ideas.

17. Broom Production

Broom has been used for centuries for cleaning purposes. This business can be done with moderate capital investment.

18. Basket Weaving

It requires thoughtful & creative planning and a high level of creativity in design. You can simply do it from a home location with moderate capital investment.

19. Flour Milling

You can start your own brand product that will make you a lot of money.
Aside from the concepts mentioned above, there are some additional profitable farm business ideas.

Start a great business in the agriculture sector with these profitable ideas. Share your experience in the comments below & for more queries contact us.

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