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After Cow Dung, Chhattisgarh Government Is Planning To Buy Cow Urine from Farmers

Know about the reason behind the government's decision of buying cow dung and urine.

Kritika Madhukar
Cow Manure
Cow Manure

Pradeep Sharma, the chief minister consultant in Chhattisgarh said that cattle urine would now be purchased from farmers in the same manner as state minister Bhupesh Baghel procured cow dung. The Chhattisgarh government is planning on purchasing cattle urine from cattle owners in order to boost their income in Raipur. 

Authorities have started emphasizing that the initiative will result in better cattle protection. The state government has already begun buying cow dung from breeders and farmers to make cattle rearing more profitable. According to the 20th Livestock census, Chhattisgarh had 2,61,503 cattle in 2019.  


On June 25, 2020, Bhupesh Baghel chief minister of Chhatisgarh launched a scheme called ‘Gaudhan Nyay Yojana’ for procurement of cow dung to curb instances of farmers abandoning old cows that have led to several road accidents, loss of life, and property. The cows are abandoned after they stop producing milk. Thus in order to make cow raising a successful business and curb the abandonment of cows and the havoc they cause.  The government has decided to buy cow dung and now cow urine from farmers and livestock owners.  

The administration also attempted to enhance the state's rural economy with the 'Narva, Garuva, Ghuruwa, Badi' project, in which they have built cowsheds in 2,200 villages across the state. Approximately 5,000 additional cowsheds would be built throughout the state during the following two to three months. The administration is hoping it to be revolutionized scheme and is looking forward to making the cattle rearing a profitable business.  

Cow Dung Procurement Progress 

Within just a span of 20 months of 6.4 million quintals of cow dung have been procured by the state government, which was used to produce 2 million quintals of organic vermicompost.

The Chhattisgarh government is purchasing cow dung at Rs 1.5 per kilogram since July 20 as part of their inaugurated scheme. 

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