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World’s Most Expensive Buffalo ‘Horizon’ Costs a Whopping Rs 81.6 Crore!

The World’s Most Expensive Buffalo costs a whopping Rs 81.6 Crore. It is one of the largest buffalo, with a horn span of 56 inch where as the average horn span of buffaloes is 36-40 inches. This giant buffalo is named Horizon and he lives in South Africa.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
World’s Most Expensive Buffalo
World’s Most Expensive Buffalo

The World’s Most Expensive Buffalo costs a whopping Rs 81.6 Crore. It is one of the largest buffalo, with a horn span of 56 inch where as the average horn span of buffaloes is 36-40 inches. This giant buffalo is named Horizon and he lives in South Africa.  

Horizon is valuable due to its large horn span & extra ordinary genes. When Horizon Impregnates a cow, the pregnant cow’s value triples! This buffalo is such a hot property that every farmer wants a piece of his gene pool. 

This buffalo was originally sold to Jacques Malan and now it is shared by four South African businessmen, each having 25% stake in the animal. There is a strict cap on the buffalo’s conjugal visits. Each owner can breed him with just 10 cows per year. 

India’s Sultan buffalo was considered one of the strongest bulls in India, but unfortunately, he died of a heart attack in September. 

“It is not guaranteed that a bull caries the same genetics in to the offspring, sometimes a good bull has offspring that is not of great quality. But in Horizon’s case his offspring have unbelievable genetics & we therefore know that we are guaranteed excellent offspring by horizon. By breeding the super cows and an incredible bull like Horizon we make sure that we only have the best quality buffalo genetics”, one of the Horizon’s owners said. 

South African breeders are biggest market for such animals and are willing to pay incredible record prices for the genes of buffaloes they believe can increase their herd’s Horn span. African buffalo used to have horns spanning wider than 1.5 metres but hunting removed the largest animals. 

Breeders are now trying to restore the big horned buffalo through breeding programmes – which is why buffalo with a wide horn span can fetch millions. 

India’s Most Expensive Buffalo: 

India’s most expensive buffalo is worth Rs 24 Crore. It weighs 1500kg  and belongs to Arvind Jangid who calls him Bheem. His hoof is as large as its size. Every day, this buffalo consumes one kilogram of ghee and 25  litres  of milk. In addition, he consumes one kilo of cashew almonds every day.  

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