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Top 10 Profitable Agri Businesses to Start in Your Backyard With Full Government Support

Before starting a backyard business, you will have to check with your state and local zoning regulations to make sure it’s allowed in your region. In this article, we will tell you about the 10 most profitable backyard business ideas.

Abha Toppo

Profitable Agri-Business: If you want to start a business close to your home, then a backyard business could be the best choice. It may sound strange but believe me, there are many businesses that you can actually run right from your backyard.

But yes, before starting a backyard business, you will have to check with your state and local zoning regulations to make sure it’s allowed in your region. The best thing is that government provides mudra loans to help people start their businesses. 

In this article, we will tell you about 10 profitable backyard business ideas.

10 Profitable Backyard Business Ideas

Below we have mentioned about few profitable agribusinesses that you can easily start in your house backyard;

Backyard Nursery

Nowadays people are going crazy about gardening or keeping different types of plants at home. If you start a small nursery business in your backyard and grow different potted plants then it could be a profitable venture for you. You can sell these plants online and offline.  

Herb Grower

Next, you can also grow different types of herbs or medicinal plants in your garden and then harvest and package them for sale. You can begin by growing – mint, basil, fennel, parsley etc.

Fresh Vegetable business

If you have a little extra space then you could also grow and harvest seasonal vegetables for sale in your backyard. Fresh and organic vegetables are also in demand in the market.


The demand for flowers is always high, especially during festivals and weddings hence you can think of starting a flower business in your backyard. At the initial stage, you can select a few varieties of flowers later when your business gets established then you can add more varieties to your garden.

Seeds Selling

People who want to offer smaller products & help others start their own gardens then they can harvest seeds and package them for sale. The demand for quality seeds is also high these days hence by starting this business you can earn good income. Also investment in this business is very low

Firewood Sales

If you have few trees or sources of wood in your yard then you can potentially parcel out that wood & sell sections of it to the local consumers to use as firewood.

Dairy farming

Last but one of the best options could be to start a small dairy farm in your backyard, you could keep goats, cows, or buffaloes. Believe me dairy farming is very profitable and at present many people are earning good money from it. 

Compost Sales

If you don’t mind getting a little untidy then you can also collect some kitchen waste/scrap and other materials to make your own compost & then sell it to local gardeners or farmers.

Fertilizer Sales

You can also start the sale of fertilizers for your local farmers or gardeners. This is yet another profitable business that you can start from your backyard.


There are also plenty of food items that you can grow, then preserve and later sell it to the buyers who want some longer-lasting products.

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