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UN Chief Guterres' Special Message and Notable Quotes for World Press Freedom Day 2023

UNESCO is set to host a commemorative celebration at the UN Headquarters in New York on World Press Freedom Day 2023, marking the 30th anniversary of the UN General Assembly's resolution to establish an international day of press freedom.

Yash Saxena
UN Chief Guterres' Special Message and Notable Quotes for World Press Freedom Day 2023
UN Chief Guterres' Special Message and Notable Quotes for World Press Freedom Day 2023

World Press Freedom Day, celebrated on May 3rd every year, is an occasion to recognize the essential role of a free and open press in promoting democracy, accountability, and transparency worldwide. It is an opportunity to celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom and to pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in the pursuit of truth.

The theme for World Press Freedom Day 2023 is “Shaping a Future of Rights: Freedom of Expression as a Driver for all other human rights.”  UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres praised journalists and media workers for their work on World Press Freedom Day, emphasizing that press freedom is essential for all other freedoms. The theme emphasizes the need to recognize and support the role of the press in disseminating accurate and reliable information to the public. It highlights the importance of quality journalism in countering disinformation and fake news, which can have serious consequences for individuals, societies, and even democracy itself.

History of World Press Freedom Day 2023

The history of World Press Freedom Day dates back to December 1993 when the UN General Assembly declared it on the recommendation of the UNESCO General Conference's twenty-sixth session. Since then, every year on May 3, the world celebrates World Press Freedom Day to remind governments of their obligation to uphold and respect press freedom. This day is also an opportunity for media professionals to reflect on their work, discuss issues of press freedom and professionalism, and advocate for the rights of journalists and media workers. Overall, World Press Freedom Day is a day of support and solidarity for journalists, media organizations, and everyone involved in defending and promoting press freedom around the world.

Significance of World Press Freedom Day 2023

World Press Freedom Day is a day to celebrate press freedom principles, protect the media, and analyze the level of press freedom. Its primary goal is to raise awareness of press freedom and freedom of expression. Media professionals reflect on press freedom issues, and the Global Conference brings together journalists, civil society groups, national authorities, and others to find solutions.

World Press Freedom Day 2023: Quotes

With the world celebrating World Press Day this week, here are some motivational quotations that highlight the importance of the media as a truth-teller, watchdog, and beacon of transparency. 

  • "The truth will always win against lies and misinformation, and it's our duty to protect a free press and freedom of speech."- Barack Obama

  • "The freedom of the human mind is acknowledged in the right to free speech and free press."- Calvin Coolidge 

  • "The people of a nation own the freedom of the press, not the owners of publications."- A. J. Liebling

  • "Freedom of the press is not only the mortar that binds the bricks of democracy but also the open window embedded in those bricks."- Shashi Tharoor

  • “No prison is big enough to contain free speech”-Mazen Darwish

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