9th Edition Dairy Tech India 2019

Organized by the Media Today Group, DairyTech India is scheduled to be held from Aug 30 to Sep 1 in Bangalore. It’s the place to become part of the Indian Dairy Industry and promote its further commercialization.

Since agriculture and dairy sector share a relationship because of the mutually linked inputs and outputs, it is important to promote the two in tandem to move towards holistic growth. It is important to introduce quality feed material and efficient feeding methods, encourage commercialization and mechanization of dairy farms, develop networks to promote processed food and beverages based on milk, have well managed cold chain facilities to minimize wastage and organize the sector further.
In order to ensure the all-round development of the Indian dairy industry, the event looks forward to participation from dairy companies, investors, packaging and processing machinery manufacturers, cold-chain developers, feeds suppliers, livestock healthcare companies, one and all related to the sector.

Concurrently, major events like 8th International Poultry & Livestock Expo 2019, AgriTech India,11th India Foodex 2019,6thMeatTech Asiaand 10thGrainTech India 2019 are also being organized.

Event Name: 9th Edition Dairy Tech India 2019

Date: 30 August- 1 September 2019

Venue: Bangalore International Exhibition Centre Bangalore

Office Address

J-73, Paryavaran Complex, J Block,

Neb Sarai, IGNOU Road, New Delhi-110068

Contact : +91-11-41859815, 41407851


Website :

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