9th India Maize Summit 2023

9th India Maize Summit 2023
9th India Maize Summit 2023

Maize makes up a substantial amount of daily food in most developing regions and is an important staple crop in the industrial revolution. It is still in high demand worldwide and referred to as yellow gold, assessing its importance as food, additives in industrial products, scientific research, and the economy. The necessity to ramp up its production sustainably is of utmost importance.

Considering its value for domestic, industrial, and economic use and cultivating it in an environmentally friendly way thereby investing in the increase in maize production is an opportunity for any country. FICCI is organizing the 9th edition of the “India Maize Summit” on 18th April 2023.

FICCI has been organizing India Maize Summit since 2013. The past eight editions of Maize Summits have been very successful and have always been acknowledged for very relevant involvement from the proper stakeholders and for discussing topical themes.

The Summit envisages providing technical insights on trade dynamics, policies, and reforms for the growing maize-based industry and intends to invite collaborative solutions from a diverse set of minds.

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Event Name: 9th India Maize Summit 2023
Date: 18 April 2023

Krishi Jagran

Address: Metro Station Green Park, 60/9,
Yusuf Sarai Market, New Delhi, Delhi 110016, India
Mobile: 91 8076942046, 9818893548, 9818893752

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