Agriculture Technology and Smart Farming

Agriculture Technology and Smart Farming
Agriculture Technology and Smart Farming

Webinar on Agriculture Technology and Smart Farming will be organized by BKT Tires on 16 November 2021. Agriculture Technology is the application of technology to farming to improve yield, efficiency and profitability. Today we are on the cusp of the fourth agricultural revolution.

Smart farming is growing in importance due to the combination of the expanding global population, the increasing demand for higher crop yield, the need to use natural resources efficiently, the rising use and sophistication of information and communication technology, and the increasing need for climate-smart agriculture.

Topics of Discussion:

The focus of the webinar would be on discussing the role of technology and innovation in increasing farm yield and thereby farmer’s income. You will be able to understand:

  • What will agritech mean for farming and farmers?

  • What will the farms of the future look like?

Eminent Speakers:

  • Simone Scarabel - Technical Sales Manager, Free Green Nature

  • Amy Wu - Founder, From Farms to Incubators

  • Ömer Kuloğlu - Producer and Presenter, Traktörmetre

  • David Rose - Associate Professor of Agricultural Innovation and Extension, University of Reading

For Other Details, Please Contact:

Event Name: Agriculture Technology and Smart Farming
Date: 16 November 2021

BKT Tires

Mobile: +39 0362 330328

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