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Interesting Facts About Tractors

Tractor-based farming has changed the face of agriculture completely in the last century alone. Farmers have been able to lessen the burden on their shoulders and take care of their land more efficiently.

Aarushi Chadha
Tractors are an invaluable asset for farmers. And the number of tractors in use on this planet goes to show their value.
Tractors are an invaluable asset for farmers. And the number of tractors in use on this planet goes to show their value.

The shift from animal-powered farming to tractor or mechanical-powered farming has led to an increase in productivity and has made the activities related to farming more efficient. Innovations in tractors still drive modern agriculture. Now, there is a tractor that specifies doing every imaginable agricultural activity from tilling to ploughing to seed distribution and harvesting. 

Now, let’s take a look at some interesting facts about tractors- 

The number of tractors in use- Tractors are an invaluable asset for farmers. And the number of tractors in use on this planet goes to show their value. Based on the sales of major tractor manufacturers, there are currently approximately 16 million tractors in operation. This statistic also indicates that at least a third of the energy that is used to keep a farm running is used to power tractors. 

The title of the biggest tractor in the world goes to…- The biggest farm tractor in the world was built in 1977 and is known as the Big Bud 16V-747. This 1100-horsepower massive tractor weighs around 54431 kg. 

Tractor strength is measured in horsepower- Tractor strength is measured in horsepower. The term was coined by 18th-century Scottish engineer James Watt to compare the output of steam engines with the power of draft horses. It was later adopted to measure the output of other types of machinery such as tractors. 

Most tractors run on diesel engines- Tractors are mostly manufactured with diesel engines because they provide higher resistance to compression which will produce high low-end torque than petrol ones. Higher torque is required to carry large and heavy load-bearing functions. 

Fastest tractor in the world- The Guinness Book of World Records awarded the JCB Fastrac Two the title of the World’s Fasted Tractor. The 1,016 Horsepower JCB Fastrac Two set the world at 217.568 km/hr over a two-way average. The tractor was driven by former bike racer Guy Martin at the Elvington Airfield in the UK. It demolished the record of 166. 7 km/hr was also previously held by another modified JCB Fastrac special. 

Metal Wheels- In the 1930s, tractors used to feature metal wheels instead of the enormous tires that are used today. Modern-day tractor tires are massive because it helps the farmer drive in rough terrain with ease. However, in the 1930s farmers used to drive tractors with steel wheels that were laden with metal plates and spikes that achieved the traction required for the tractor to be stable and usable. This also meant that old tractors could not be driven on the road. 

Tractors introduced by the British in 1914- The British introduced the very first tractor in India in 1914 to clear bushes and shrubs in deforested forest areas for agricultural purposes. Landowners began to hire these tractors by 1930. 

Largest producers of tractors- India is one of the largest manufacturers of tractors in the world. It is estimated that Indian tractor manufacturing companies produce at least 600,000 units per year. Indian states of Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujrat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh are the centers of tractor production. Indigenously manufactured tractors are also exported to other countries across the world. 

Increasing accessibility to tractors- The Indian Government has taken many steps in the past 2 decades to make it easier for small and medium Indian farmers to have access to otherwise unaffordable machinery by opening custom hiring centers that are operated by major tractor manufacturers. Co-operatives formed by small and medium farmers have also started pooling their resources to buy farm machinery. 

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