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Role of Tractors in Agriculture

Tractor is the key to farm mechanization and modernization of Indian agriculture. Tractors have proved to be beneficial to Indian farmers in many ways such as improving productivity, reducing the cost of cultivation, and much more. Tractors provide machine power to farmers enabling them to perform or complete different farm tasks efficiently and effectively.

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Role of Tractors in Agriculture
Role of Tractors in Agriculture

Today, a tractor is required at every stage of agriculture, from land preparation to post-harvesting. If the domestic sales are any indication of an increase in demand for tractors, then in the Financial Year 2023, the domestic sales of the tractor hit a record high of 9.44 lakhs units. Such a rise in demand is one of the leading factors pushing the tractor price in India upwards.

Factors Responsible for Increase in Tractor Demand

Now, the question arises, what is causing the increased demand for all tractor brands in India? The most apparent reason is the increasing importance of tractors in agriculture. The other reasons are:

Government push for modernization: The Indian government has provided subsidies to purchase tractors, power tillers, and other farm machineries to modernize agriculture.

Increasing Minimum Support Price (MSP): Buoyed by this, the farmers have been increasingly producing those crops on which MSPs are high. As a result, the demand for tractors has increased.

Increase in farm income: The Government of India's push to double the farm income along with favourable monsoons in the last few years has increased farm income by around 5.5 times. Thus, farmers can afford modern new tractors.

Above-normal monsoon: As it is known, Indian agriculture is a gamble with the monsoon. Since the last few years, the monsoon has been above normal. As a result, the crop sown per hectare increased, necessitating the use of tractors increasingly.

Importance of Tractors in Indian Agriculture

As we know, 58% of the Indian population derives their livelihood from agriculture, characterized mainly by technological dualism, that is, the co-existence of traditional and modern farming methods. Thus, to increase overall farm productivity, using tractors has become necessary. The top five roles of tractors in agriculture are:

Accelerate mechanization of farming activities: Farm mechanization starts with introducing tractors designed to reduce the dependence on manual labour. The increased use of tractors will accelerate farm mechanization in India.

Enhance farm productivity and efficiency: Tractors enable timely and efficient preparation of soil, sowing, adding manure, irrigation, harvesting, and transportation of crops.

Small landholdings in India: Most of the population working in agriculture have marginal and small landholdings, less than 2 acres of land. That is why compact tractors are more demanded in India, as they help maximize output and income within limited means.

Save labour-intensive and time-consuming farm activities: Tractors are designed to pull heavy loads at low speeds. That is why they are increasingly used for ploughing fields, tilling soil, and preparing land for cultivation, which otherwise is time-consuming and labour-intensive.

Provide adaptability to different farming needs: The power take-off (PTO) of a tractor allows the attachment of various implements, such as cultivators, disc harrows, rotavators, and planters, providing versatility and adaptability to different farming needs.

Indian agriculture is on the take-off stage of modernization, wherein agricultural growth will raise the standards of living of more than half of the Indian population. The tractors will play a pivotal role in modernizing agriculture and achieving the government's aim of doubling farm income.

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