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11 Surprising Benefits of Green Chillies

Green Chillies are not just to satisfy your spicy taste buds but are also capable of providing astonishing benefits to your body in achieving good health. Read the article to know about the surprising ways chillies can aid to boost your overall well-being.

Ritu Sharma

Green chillies provide numerous health benefits and they are like a magic pill with a hot kick! Yes you heard it right. There is no exaggeration needed to enlist the various health benefits of these hot peppers as several studies have already proved it.

The Researchers from Harvard School of Public Health have linked green chillies to the longevity of human life. They published an article on 4th August 2015 which stated that people who ate spicy food on a daily basis had 14% lower death risk than those who ate only once a week.

Green chillies are an indispensable culinary ingredient particularly used in Indian Cuisine to enhance the flavour of the dish. Indians love spicy food and no meal is complete without the addition of chillies. These are mostly eaten raw and fresh as an accompaniment with any kind of meal and also cooked in curries to make it extra spicy. Due to the presence of Capsaicin, a chemical compound, it not only adds ‘heat’ to your food but it also provides some of the most astounding health benefits.

Green chillies are of many varieties related to size and spice level. They are about 1.5 to 4 inches long and can have spice levels ranging from mild to very hot. People who want a little bit of extra kick can always opt for the hottest chilli peppers.


1. Antioxidants: Green Chillies are a natural source of antioxidants which protects the cells of your body against diseases caused by free radicals. This ensures to protect and prevent against any kind of cell damage and play a crucial role in preventing heart disease and cancer.

Green chillies reduce blood cholesterol and hence reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

The “free-radical scavengers” in green chillies comprises Vitamins A, B and C which are essential to strengthen the overall immunity required to fight against various types of infections and disorders.

2. Gut Health: Green chillies aid in digestion as they are a good source of dietary fibre. This helps to ease bowel movements and cleanses the colon which aids in getting relief from Constipation.

3. Cold Relief: The capsaicin present in chillies stimulates the mucous membranes in the nose which unblocks the respiratory passage and provides relief during cold, cough and Sinus infections.

4. Weight Loss: Green chillies have zero calories and great for people who want to shed off excess fat from their bodies. Daily consumption of green chillies increases metabolism by 50% which makes the weight loss process much easier and faster.

5. Pain Relief: Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, green chillies help to lower the pain levels in the body and are very beneficial for people suffering from inflammatory diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis.

6. Skin benefits: Green chillies are loaded with Vitamin C which increases collagen production in the skin. This vitamin is essential in your beauty regime as it gives your skin a healthy and radiant glow. Moreover, Green chillies also contain Vitamin E which prevents aging and enhances youthful appearance. Phytonutrients present in chillies has antibacterial properties and helps in getting rid of acne, rashes and blemishes.

7. Diabetes: People suffering from diabetes can also benefit from using green chillies in their diet as it lowers the blood sugar level in the body.

8. Boosts Haemoglobin: Iron present in green chillies helps to boost the formation of red blood cells. The increased haemoglobin levels in the blood helps to fight against anaemia.

9. Eye Health: Green chillies contain Beta-carotene which is essential in enhancing eye health and vision.

10. Healthy Hair: Good hair needs strong follicles and Silicon present in green chillies helps to achieve this by improving blood circulation to the scalp and hair. The presence of Iron in the hot peppers also promotes hair growth by increasing oxygen level in the circulated blood. With all the benefits of Silicon and Iron combined, green chillies also protect the hair follicles against DHT or dihydrotestosterone which causes hair thinning and hair loss.

11. Good Mood: Surprisingly, Green chillies can also act as antidepressants and stabilize mood. This happens due to the presence of Capsaicin which increases the levels of endorphins (feel good hormones) into the brain.

To reap all the benefits of green chillies, make sure to include them in your diet but also keep in mind that they are supposed to be consumed in moderation. Any amount of excess consumption can lead to excess burning sensation and cause stomach pain, heartburn as well as mouth ulcers.

For all those spicy and tangy food lovers, I’m sure not a day goes by without adding a little bit of ‘kick’ to your palate. Well after knowing all these mind-boggling facts there is absolutely no harm in satisfying your taste buds. Isn’t it?

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