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7 Food Trends That Have Taken the World by Storm in 2023

Like fashion, food trends come and go but they still influence the way we think about food and drinks. Let us take a look at some current food trends.

Aarushi Chadha
Many meat eaters are also looking for more sustainable and plant-based replacements for their favourite comfort foods

A food trend is a shift in the way consumers eat and purchase food. In 2023, people are becoming more conscious about the environment and how the food they eat affects their bodies. People are increasingly preferring healthy, life-enhancing foods that are organically cultivated and locally sourced. 

Many meat eaters are also looking for more sustainable and plant-based replacements for their favourite comfort foods. Here are some food trends to look out for in 2023.

Tamarind- Tamarind is a widely cultivated root vegetable that is popularly used in South Asian, Latin American, and African cuisines. Tamarind is slowly gaining popularity in several western countries because of its sweet-sour-tangy-tart flavours. Many Gen-Z’ers are opting for sweets, snacks, and beverages made from tamarind, even Doritos hopped on the trend by introducing the ‘Tangy Tamarind’ Dorito in 2022.

Millets- United Nations declared 2023 as the year of millets. This is because millet is grown in many developing countries and is a great source of employment for women and youth, whilst simultaneously being a nutritious food grain. Millet can also be cultivated in hot and dry weather conditions, making it the perfect grain to grow in a world grappling with water and food shortage. This humble grain is gluten-free, lower in cholesterol, high in fibre, and can manage the symptoms of diabetes.

Plant-based meat- Since people are becoming more conscious about the impact that their eating habits have on the environment, there has been a significant shift from meat products to high-protein meat substitutes. These substitutes include tempeh, seitan, and tofu, which are made from soybean and wheat gluten respectively. We can see this trend gaining some momentum in India as well with many supermarkets carrying plant-based alternatives to their meat-based counterparts.

Milk alternatives- For years farmers have been manipulating the biological cycle of cows to produce milk, however, that has unsettled a lot of people. Also, there are many people that are intolerant to lactose present in milk which leads to bloating, flatulence, and irritable bowel movements. Therefore, many people have started looking for milk alternatives such as soy milk, almond milk, and oat milk. Not only are milk alternatives a healthier, more nutritious alternative to cows’ milk but it also suits the vegan lifestyle.

Gut-friendly foods- Studies show that there is a correlation between a happy and healthy gut and our mood. This is because our gut has receptors that promote the production of hormones that regulate our mood. When our gut microbiome, aka gut bacteria, are fed foods that are nutritious and high in fibre, then we have a better mood. In 2023, people are going to opt for a variety of foods such as fermented foods, fibre-rich foods, legumes, and vegetables because they are the core elements of a gut-healthy diet.

Dates- Dates or khajur are fruits native to the Middle East. They are a common ingredient in Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Asian cuisine as they are a high source of fibre, copper, vitamin B6, antioxidants, manganese, iron, and potassium. Western nations are seeing a rise in the popularity of dates as an alternative to sugar.

Fortified food- Processing of food rips away the nutritional benefits of foods. Plus, growing a single crop on the same soil every year with chemical fertilizers has resulted in the loss of nutrients. Fortification is a process of adding micronutrients to food. There has been a recent trend of salt being fortified with iron and iodine in developing nations because people are unable to receive it from their diet. Plus, milk and milk products are being fortified with vitamin D and calcium, and rice is being fortified with iron.

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