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Beat the Sun: Top Skin Care Tips for the Summer

Sun plays an important role in our lives, not only does the sun helps grow food but it also helps create vitamin D in our body, which is essential to absorb calcium. However, prolonged sun exposure can have several repercussions.

Aarushi Chadha
UV rays can damage the tissues of our eyes as well causing blurred vision or developing cataracts.

Prolonged sun exposure can be harmful to the skin as it causes melanin to clump up, creating freckles and moles, which can later develop into cancer. Sun exposure can make our skin age faster than normal, which leads to the formation of dark spots, and wrinkled, tight, or leathery skin. UV rays can damage the tissues of our eyes as well causing blurred vision or developing cataracts.

Let us take a look at skin care tips that can help prevent and correct sun damage.

Apply sunscreen often- It is important that you apply sunscreen any time you are in the sun as a lot of skin problems can be avoided by just applying sunscreen properly. Protect your arms, legs, face, neck, and back from both harmful UVA and UVB rays to keep your skin from developing issues like uneven skin tone and sun spots. It is recommended to apply sunscreen often, especially if you are going to go swimming or participate in physically intensive activities.

Avoid heavy makeup- You should avoid wearing heavy makeup as makeup prevents the skin from breathing. When we are hot, our body produces sweat to cool down. However, when we wear makeup, our skin’s ability to breathe and sweat is negatively impacted. Instead of heavy foundation and other cosmetics, try wearing a tinted lip balm and tinted moisturizer.

Moisturize frequently- You might think that it is counterintuitive to apply moisturizer frequently during summer because you produce a lot of oil and sweat profusely. However, our skin can still dry out in the summer. Use a light moisturiser with SPF to provide an extra layer of protection.

Take a cool shower at the end of the day- Consider taking a shower at the end of the day instead of early morning. This is because the water is cooler which helps cool down your body and aids blood flow and skin microcirculation.

Apply serums with antioxidants- Include serums that are full of antioxidants in your skincare routine. Antioxidant serums immensely hydrate your skin and provide an extra layer of protection from sun damage. It boosts collagen production in our skin and maintains the skin’s firmness and elasticity. They also reduce fine lines, pigmentation, and dark spots.

Eat good food- Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants, B-complex vitamins, and vitamins A, C, D, and E. Also, stay away from sugary drinks that are full of added sugars. Switch sugary cold drinks with homemade sherbet, lassi, or buttermilk, as they are more hydrating and provide some nutritional benefits.

Summer skin care tips for people with dry skin

Cleanser- If you have dry skin, use a non-foaming cleaner that helps keep your skin clean and grime-free.

Exfoliate- Exfoliating your skin once a week as it helps remove dirt, oil, and buildup. Use natural exfoliators that are also hydrating nature, such as lemon, sandalwood, turmeric, curd, and egg white.

Gel-based Creams- Moisturizing is essential. Do not skip moisturizing your skin after using a cleanser. Consider a light moisturizer like gel-based cream as they are not greasy like cream-based ones.

Summer skin care tips for oily skin

  • Cleanser- If you have oily and sweaty skin, then use a cleanser that cleanses your skin deeply to remove dirt and grime.

  • Exfoliate- Use an exfoliator that removes build-up and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as oily skin is prone to acne. Use exfoliators such as sandalwood, fuller’s Earth, rose water, and yogurt.

  • Moisturize- Use a moisturizer that is water-based rather than oil-based as they are non-greasy.

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