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Debunking the Top Myths About “Healthy” Foods

From the truth about popular trendy diets to the lowdown on "superfoods" we are going to enlighten you on what’s really going to work.

Shivangi Rai
Deciding on what is healthy for you is not as easy as it seems
Deciding on what is healthy for you is not as easy as it seems

Are you prepared to distinguish truth from fiction when it comes to eating healthy? With so much contradictory information available, it can be difficult to know what to believe. But rest assured, we have your back.

We're here to bust some of the most widespread misconceptions about nutrition and provide the facts. We'll give you the facts on "superfoods," fashionable diets, and other topics as well as the true scoop on what actually works (and what doesn't). So, start taking notes and discover how to eat for good health, and stop believing in nutrition myths now!

Listed below are 5 Popular Myths Related to Food and Nutrition:

Myth 1. Muesli And Breakfast Cereals Are Healthy:

Fact: Muesli, cornflakes, granola, wheat flakes, and other such ready-to-eat foods are perhaps the most popular breakfast choices across the world. But did you know that not all breakfast cereals are healthy?! Many of the packaged breakfast cereals are loaded with extra calories, potentially harmful additives, and refined grains that could reduce their nutritional value. So, we recommend you to always examine the labels properly before picking up your breakfast cereals from the grocery stores.

Myth 2. Sugar Is Deadly:

Fact: Often, we get confused between sugar and added sugar. While we agree that added sugar can be harmful to health, sugar or sucrose is naturally present in fruits and vegetables and helps create a nutrient balance in your body.

Myth 3. Mango Smoothie Is Wholesome:

Fact: Mango season is here and we try to add the fruit into every dish possible, throughout the summer. Mango smoothies are one such seasonal food that is extensively consumed. The drink epitomizes comfort and is made with mango, yogurt, and other ingredients. However, it is not as healthy as it seems. Why? This is due to the poor flavour combination of mango and dahi. Dahi contains animal protein which when combined with fruits, may lead to fermentation in the body. This may further cause acidity, indigestion, and other such problems in the body.

Myth 4. Egg White Is Healthier Than Whole Egg:

Fact: Unfortunately, most people, don't know that the yolk is where the nutrition is. Egg yolk contains calcium, vitamins, and iron, and when eaten with egg white make for wholesome food. So now on, before throwing off the egg yolk from your meal think wisely.

Myth 5. Consuming Fat Will Make You Gain Weight:

Fact: If you believe that being overweight is unhealthy, you should check your facts immediately. Healthy and harmful fats are the two types of fats. Healthy fats can be found naturally in almost all food ingredients and helps in balancing the nutrients in your body. On the other hand, trans fats, which are mostly found in processed and junk foods, are harmful fats that can lead to a number of health problems.

Now that the basics are understood, we advise you to think about these points before creating a chart for your upcoming meal. And yes, it is always advisable to speak with a doctor before introducing or removing any foods from your diet. Eat healthily and stay fit!!

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