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5 Big Reasons to Start Using Earthen Pots; Know Ways to Use it

Cooking in an earthen pot is much better than cooking in a normal utensil as it improves the quality of the food we eat. Ayurveda too suggests cooking food in a clay pot.

Abha Toppo
clay pots
Food cooked in earthen pot

Though nowadays we have several types of nonstick pans and utensils but cooking food in an earthen pot or clay pot has its own benefits that many of us are not aware of.

Cooking in a clay pot or earthen pot not only offers numerous health benefits but also makes our cooking process much easier and in the end, gives us more flavorful and nutritious food.

Due to its several health benefits, Ayurveda too suggests cooking food in a clay pot. Also cooking in an earthen pot is much better than cooking in a normal utensil as it is improves the quality of the food we eat. You can easily prepare vegetarian as well as non vegetarian food in these pots.  

Why we must use Clay Pots for cooking?

The most convincing reason to start cooking in unglazed clay pots is that it doesn’t leach harmful metals in your food. Unglazed earthen pots is not only good for you and your food but also for the environment. As they essentially come from soil, they easily get decomposed into it when you discard them.

Experts say that the health benefits of cooking in a clay pot are huge. Firstly, they add so many essential nutrients like iron, calcium, phosphorous, sulfur and magnesium to your food that are extremely beneficial for body. Also oil is not needed for cooking in a clay pot and therefore, it is observed that food cooked in clay pots are lower in fat than food prepared in any other utensils.

Benefits of using Earthen Pots 

Below we have mentioned the advantages of cooking food in earthen pots or clay pots:

Clay pots are economical and easily available

There are many shops that sell pure and unglazed earthen pots so you will not have any difficulty in buying them. Clay pots are quite cheap compared to any other type of cooking utensils. You can easily buy them in different shapes & sizes without making a hole in your pocket.

Are porous in Nature

Clay pot's porous nature lets both moisture & heat to circulate through the food which results in the slow yet aromatic dish. Earthen pots also retain the nutrition of the food that is usually lost in other types of utensils. The thermal inertia in earthen pots keeps the meat tender and soft for long.

Clay pots are alkaline in nature

Clay is alkaline in nature & it interacts with acidity in the food, thereby neutralizing the pH balance & ultimately making food healthier & tastier. It also provides us with the required minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus & sulphur that is good for health.

earthen pots
Food in Earthen pot

Uses lesser oil

Because of its heat resistance & slow cooking, the food retains all its oils & moisture; as a result, you will not require extra oil & fat for providing moisture to your food.

Clay pots ensures delicious food

Due to slow cooking & porous nature of earthen pots, the moisture & aroma remains in the pot without losing any nutrient, thus making it delicious and flavourful. In addition, it has an earthy flavour added to it that you may not get in any other utensil.

Which is better: Glazed or Unglazed Clay Pots

Though there are varieties of glazed and unglazed clay pots available in the market, it is better to choose unglazed clay pots. One main reason for this is that glazed earthen pots may contain harmful chemicals. These pots release harmful toxins when they are heated up or during the process of cooking.

How to use Clay pots

Every time before using clay pots you need to soak it in water (if it is unglazed). Immerse in cold water both its base & lid for at least 10-15 minutes. The water will penetrate the porous surface and help in the steaming process during cooking. Then simply pat dry & fill with your recipe's ingredients.

Also remember that earthen pots are sensitive to temperature change and will easily break so never expose it to extreme temperature differences.

If you love food... then you must start using clay pots or earthen pots....

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  • What are earthen or clay pots?
    Earthen pots are basically made of clay that is baked so that it becomes hard. 
  • Is earthen cookware safe?

    Experts say that it is safe to cook in clay pots. Moreover, clay pots are amazing to cook in, gives you tasty food and is healthy.

  • Which type of earthen pots are used at home?

    Terracotta Pottery. 
    Clay Pots. 
    Tin-glazed Earthenware

  • Earthen pots online

    You can get earthen pots online from websites like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

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