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Grape Lovers Beware! Overconsumption Could be Dangerous

In this article, you will learn about the problems which are caused by excessive consumption of grape

Kritika Madhukar

Grape is a fruit that comes from deciduous woody vines of the flowering plant. They are small and green berries that are usually consumed with skin. They have sweet and savory flesh. Grapes are eaten for their high mineral, vitamins, and anti-oxidant values.  

However, eating too much of it could have some health disadvantages. So, let us take a look at some side effects of grapes.  

Side effects of Grape 

Their side effects mainly consist of overconsumption. The overconsumption of grapes can produce a risk of diarrhea in individuals, due to the fact, that they have high sugar content. They could pose adverse effects on being eaten on an upset stomach. They can also cause traveler’s diarrhea in individuals. It is a type of diarrhea that is caused by consuming foods that have different sanitation practices than your local foods.

They also contain salicylic acid. Some individuals have an intolerance to salicylic acid, which could lead to inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, bloating, and abdominal pain. Eating large portions of grapes can also lead to the accumulation of undigested seed residue in the body which can also cause appendicitis, hence also causing abdominal pain. 

Due to them being of small size, there is always a possibility of overconsumption of grapes. Eating large amounts of grapes could also lead to overweight. You should always look for how much you are consuming as they are high in calories. 

Grapes must be avoided during pregnancy because they are rich in polyphenols which can cause pancreatic problems in the baby present in the mother’s womb. Grape should also be avoided by the person suffering from diabetes or chronic kidney conditions. Excessive consumption of grapes could potentially increase blood sugar levels and can severely affect kidneys. 

Grapes can also trigger allergies. It contains a protein called liquid protein transferase which could induce various allergies in individuals. The symptoms of such allergies include redness, itching, and inflammation. A life-threatening allergy called anaphylaxis can also be triggered by excessive consumption of grapes.   

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