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Heart Attack Becomes Common After 2020, Study Suggests

A study suggests that heart attacks have become common after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vivek Singh
Heart attack have become after Covid-19 years (Photo: Krishi Jagran)
Heart attack have become after Covid-19 years (Photo: Krishi Jagran)

More than three years since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the world still grapples with its lasting effects. Cardiologists are increasingly concerned about a rise in heart-related issues among patients. Contributing factors include Indians' inherent susceptibility to heart attacks due to dietary choices, high rates of conditions like diabetes and hypertension, genetics, obesity, sedentary lifestyles, and smoking, all worsened by the pandemic.

Many individuals now suffer from persistent heart problems requiring further research. COVID-19 directly affects the heart, causing inflammation in veins and blood vessels, damaging vessel linings, and possibly leading to complications. Pandemic-induced stress and anxiety can also trigger heart attacks.

Reasons Why Heart Attack is Common After Covid-19 Pandemic

Delayed Medical Care: At the height of the pandemic, people refrained from going to hospitals out of concern about getting infected. Consequently, some individuals with heart issues delayed their essential medical appointments, which worsened their cardiac conditions.

Inflammatory Reaction: There is ample evidence indicating that COVID-19 triggers a significant inflammatory response. Cardiologists are currently researching the prolonged impact of persistent inflammation on the heart.

Stress: When confronted with a severe illness such as COVID-19, the body, including the heart, can undergo considerable stress. This stress can affect the functioning of the heart and potentially contribute to cardiac issues.

Lifestyle Modifications: As time passes, the stress and alterations in lifestyle triggered by the pandemic, including reduced physical activity, unhealthy eating habits, and increased consumption of alcohol or tobacco, can lead to the development of heart problems.

Following their recuperation from COVID-19, certain individuals may persistently experience symptoms or encounter enduring health challenges. These can encompass heart-related problems such as myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) or irregular heart rhythms known as arrhythmias.

Certain individuals may endure ongoing inflammation and symptoms even after emerging from the initial acute stage of COVID-19, which can directly impact the cardiovascular system. Throughout the pandemic, individuals might have postponed seeking medical attention for heart problems or other health issues, resulting in a gradual deterioration of these conditions.

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