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Summer Fancy Food Show: Know About the Upcoming Food Trends

Over 1,800 exhibitors showcased specialty food and beverages for restaurant owners, foodservice operators, and other industry participants. In the past, the Specialty Food Association's trade show has featured emerging trends such as fermented foods, floral flavors, and packaged cauliflower snacks.

Kritika Madhukar
Exhibitors seemed to be particularly fond of one comfort food: pancakes.
Exhibitors seemed to be particularly fond of one comfort food: pancakes.

Pasta is making a comeback in new shapes and flavors, drinking vinegar is trendy, and comfort foods like pancakes are being made with different ingredients. As per hundreds of items on display at the Summer Fancy Food Show, a trade show known for spotting the next big flavors and food products that will dominate restaurant menus and grocery store shelves. 

The show returned to New York this week for the first time since the pandemic, running from Sunday to Tuesday at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.


According to the SFA's trend forecasters, new pasta shapes are entering the US market, such as cascatelli, a j-shaped pasta with ridges. Pasta manufacturers are also experimenting with new flavors and ingredients. For example, Greenomic Deli displayed cacao-infused pasta as part of its Good Hair Day line.

According to the SFA's preliminary trend report for the trade show, noodles, in general, are staging a comeback after years of lagging sales growth. People who had reduced their carbohydrate intake began eating pasta again during the pandemic as they cooked more at home and sought comfort food.

Plant-Based Comfort Foods

The most recent plant-based foods aren't milk or meat alternatives. According to the SFA, they are instead about giving people another way to indulge in comfort foods. The new category is aimed at people who want plant-based alternatives to their favorite snacks and treats. 

Whoa Dough displayed vegan cookie dough bars with four grams of protein at its table, while Rind showcased plant-based cheeses that mimic the richness of blue and camembert cheese. Bean Bops introduced its crispy fava beans with packaging touting their protein content.


Exhibitors seemed to be particularly fond of one comfort food: pancakes. Companies presented their spins on the breakfast staple, experimenting with packaging and ingredients. 

Happy Grub introduced its squeezable instant pancake mix, which is intended for use by both parents and children. Jus Chill International's pancake mix replaces traditional all-purpose flour with breadfruit flour, a starchy tropical fruit sourced from Jamaica.

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